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December 2016


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

As this is the end of the year, I thank our Father in Heaven and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for his great love for you and for his great love that flows through you.

When we left Grenada to go back to the Philippines to build His house of refuge, our Lord spoke and said, "go share the vision and I will touch the hearts of the ones that I want to be partakers of the abundant harvest of souls."


Because of the great love of Jesus flowing through you this past year over 150,000 meals were given filled with all the vitamins and minerals that a child needs to grow healthy. In some cases this was the only meal that child received that day. Because of the Great love of Jesus flowing through you, teachers, parents, children and even the people in the village around the schools are thanking our Father in Heaven, for his love flowing through you.

Every time one of these precious children bow's his head and says, thank you Father, treasures are being stored to your account in heaven!

Matthew 25:34,35. Then the king will say to those on His right "come you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world, for I was hungry and you gave me something to eat..."

Only our Lord knows the eternal impact our discipling in the schools will have. We do know of the many testimonies, of teachers and parents at the different schools. Also how much the children have changed and in turn has caused parents and people in the villages to come to the school to find out why. Because of this they also are hearing the word of God, many are being saved and discipled.

John 6:44 "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him."


Because of my own personal experience of the hardships of not having the finances to go to school; this is very dear to my heart! Because of the love of Jesus flowing through your hearts many children can stay at their own homes or the refuge house and go to school! All expenses for their schooling are provided.

This removes a huge burden from the parents or grandparents who do not have the finances to send their child to school. Uniforms, finances for school projects, snacks, all school supplies and all school related expenses are provided including transportation. This is a huge blessing so the children do not have to walk in the rain, mud and through the jungle some as far as 6 kilometers.

Again, only our Father in Heaven knows how much pain and sorrows these precious children have been spared because of the love of Jesus flowing through you! All of us, Thank our Father in Heaven, for you!!


Jesus is Lord and first at the refuge! Everything starts at the refuge house, with prayer beginning with everyone at 5 AM each day. Children come and go; they stay a day, a week, a month and some have been there for years. They are welcome to come and go.

Everyone is discipled in the ways of Jesus. Church services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, children's Bible study, Youth discipleship, training seminars, Youth camps, pastor seminars evangelistic training are just some of the activities at the Refuge House! Gospel Evangelism starts at the Refuge House and goes to the community to the cities and to the Mountain tribes.

Our youth are now also doing gospel evangelism on their own! They are also working with the younger children to teach them also! The Refuge House is a bright shining light for Jesus Christ!

We give our Lord all praise glory and honor for the refuge house and all the ministries that come out of it !!!


All of us at I Am Born Again Ministries pray that you have a blessed and joyous Jesus birthday with your family and friends and also a blessed and prosperous New Year! We are continually thanking our Father in Heaven and praising our Lord Jesus Christ for his love flowing through you! Thank you for all that you have done this year! We know you will be richly rewarded!

Please be in prayer with us for more fruit to our account and treasure stored in heaven and His provisions for next year.



PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667-052



November 2016


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

We are so thankful to our heavenly father for all the things that he has done and for his great love that works through you and in us so that we can continue doing his work for his kingdom.


This month our Lord Jesus Christ has been teaching us to see and to reach out for the spiritual needs of other people.

Everyone here at the refuge house and all the sponsored children are doing weekly visitations to the elderly, widows and widowers and people who do not know Jesus in their lives. We are so blessed in every visitation as everyone welcomes us into their homes. We share about the love of Jesus, we pray for their request and then do chores helping them Jesus' name. It is just amazing how good we feel every time we visit, share about Jesus, pray for people and then help them.

I'm also very very thankful that I see the joy and happiness in the youth as they learn to have a servants heart of our Lord Jesus Christ.


There was a woman who was working abroad. Her name is Premmally. She is 48 years old and just returned home a couple months ago. While she was working abroad some terrible things happened to her. She went to work for one year and her boss was going to pay her after the year. At the end of the year her boss refused to pay her. When she tried to get her money her boss had her thrown in jail. She remained in jail for four years. She was just hoping to be able to get back home alive.

Now she is here and she has a skin disease and everyone in her family and in the area is avoiding her. She has so much anger, bitterness, pain and rejection in her. She is not only hurting physically but also spiritually and mentally.

We have been visiting her every week and she was so very thankful and so very happy that we come and pray for her for healing physically and spiritually.

She responded to drawing of Holy Spirit and received JESUS! Every week our Father worked more and more in her heart. The pain of rejection, anger, bitterness and unforgiveness is now gone and she feels so free. She is believing for complete physical healing and she is so very thankful for our Father answering her prayer.

As we interceded for her over the weeks there is great joy in our hearts to see Faith rise up in her to overcome her situation. That love, joy and peace replaced anger, bitterness, rejection and unforgiveness.


It is the rainy season and praise Jesus the children do not have to walk through mud and water to get to school. They love the school bus! Besides praying and singing praises the youth have started doing a short Bible study while traveling to school.

All the sponsored kids are doing well at school and are excited about doing the Lords work on the weekend. The parents are always telling us how thankful they are to the Lord Jesus and how thankful they are for you for helping their children!


All the teachers at the different schools, the parents of children and the children themselves are so very, very thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ and each and everyone of you for this tremendous ministry. It's impossible to explain the tremendous eternal blessings that you're receiving from this ministry.

As our Father hears all these precious children, as they bow their head and say thank you, I know that He thinks of you and smiles.


Our youth group is so blessed as our Lord Jesus teaches us deeper and deeper about his great love and understanding of his word.

It seems that all the youth want to know him more. On the weekends we are excited to go out into the villages and share the love of Jesus. We are learning more and more how to be servants. We always have great joy and happiness when we do the things the Lord Jesus tells us to do.

In Ecclesiastes 12 :1 it says remember your creator in the days of your youth. We are so blessed to be taught that we can do great and mighty things for the Lord to further his kingdom even though we are young.

All of the youth are always praising our Lord Jesus and thanking him for you. We know that it is only because of the love of Jesus working through you that we are able to receive the blessings we receive.

We Thank You with all of our heart and always pray for more blessings and favor in your life.


Praise Jesus we are back from Central America and southern Mexico sharing the love of Jesus and witnessing to individual people. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for Harrell as he hurt his ankle walking uphill. It's okay now just sore.

I want to share with you of a man Harrell was talking to. As Harrell was talking he asked where we were from ? USA we replied. He said, I was there when supreme court threw out the 10 commandments. Then in a straight matter of fact voice he said "You throw GOD out, Who you think going to come in!"

Later Harrell told me that when the man spoke, he felt such a great burden for the USA . We Love you all much and continually lift you up in our prayers ! I leave you with what Harrell is hearing.


Get your Hearts Minds & thoughts on JESUS!

Encourage yourself and your friends
to stay STRONG in the Faith!

Return to your First Love!
Turn to JESUS!

Save yourself from the wrath to come,
turn to the one who Loves you, Died for you JESUS!





October 2016


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

Praise our great and wonderful Savior Jesus Christ ! We are always bending our knees and giving our best to our Lord Jesus, knowing that we can't do anything without him! As we seek first our Father's kingdom and his righteousness we know that he will supply all of our needs. We are always thanking our Father in heaven for you and praying that His blessings and favor well continue to pour out upon you and your family!



Sunday services and prayer meetings continue to be great as everyone desires to be rooted and grounded in God's word.

The children's Bible study is also doing very well. We continue to visit the sick, widows, and those families who need comfort from our Heavenly Father, praying for them and having faith that our Lord Jesus Christ will shower each and everyone with His great mercy and love. We pray for you everyday as well and we are so thankful for your prayers for us here in Palawan.


I give all thanks and glory to our Heavenly Father. I went with other youth to the house of a widower. His name is Sir Valleriano Ordaz. He is 67 years old and his wife died of breast cancer four months ago. We asked him if we could do anything for him that we were doing it for the Lord Jesus Christ.

At first He was very shy about allowing us to help. As we work around his house cleaning and washing all the youth felt happiness in our hearts. We were smiling and encouraging him and telling him Jesus loved him. After we finished working we asked him if he had any prayer request. When he started talking we see the tears on his eyes and our hearts moved.

We prayed for him and after the prayer he was smiling and so very happy and he is so bless of the little care that we share to him. We are all very happy and we praise our Lord Jesus Christ for His great love.


Every Saturday most of the sponsored kids sleep over here at the refuge. We have praise and worship lots of prayer and many different Bible games. One Saturday this month we have a hot dog grilling! After the praise and worship, prayer and games the children grilled hot dogs. They have so much thankfulness in their hearts even for small things and they're very excited in every activity. We are so thankful to see the smile on the faces while they do the grilling and I know that our Heavenly Father is very happy seeing those kids enjoying the blessing and enjoying the presence of our great Savior.


Praise Jesus the food arrived this month just in time ! The discipleship and feeding in the schools and in other areas and churches continues -- as also does cries of thank you, from hundreds of children, to our Father in Heaven for you! Thank you and God bless you!


Hello my name is Angel Joy Absulio. I am 14 years old and in the seventh grade... my mother died when she gave birth on me. That is the story that I have, when my mother passed away my parents that I have now adopted me. There is so many times I felt lonely and feels empty inside me, I cannot do my house chores right sometimes, I don't know Jesus and I don't pray because I don't know how to pray.

But when I start attending Bible study in refuge house and feeding program I meet friends and I meet Jesus. Pastor asked if I want Jesus to be my best friend and I did, I invite Jesus in my life and attend Bible study and go to church.

I start giving my life to him, and I am very happy because I feel joy in my life and realized that my family is loving me so much and I'm not lonely anymore. I know now how to pray and sing praises to Jesus! I help a lot with house chores and I feed the pig and I also watch sometimes my little sister. I am so blessed because when I continue praying and asking our Lord Jesus to help me in my studies he answers my desire. He is good God in my life!

I receive so many blessings like toy doll clothes, bicycle and much more and now I am chosen as one of the sponsored child my parents is very happy for all the blessings that Jesus is given to me! I am so thankful for your love and prayer for me thank you for your generosity that a child like me has a chance to experience this kind of blessing in my life ! I am so happy and thankful because of your generosity and love I've met Jesus a great best friend !!!

Thank you and God bless you all, I'll always pray that you will receive abundant blessings so more children like me will meet Jesus on their life !


We are shipping all Christmas gifts the first week of October if anyone has gifts after that let us know. We praise Jesus for all of you as we have lots of gifts to send and we will be able to buy around 35 bicycles to give to children! What a tremendous blessing that you are ! Thank you so much and God bless you !


We are so very thankful to our heavenly father for your life, we are so thankful for all your prayers and support. Thank you so much for your kindness and having us in your heart and in your prayers just as you are in our hearts and in our prayers every day.

We always pray the blessings in Psalms 41 verse 1, 2 , 3 will be manifest in your life and your family's life. We thank our Father in Heaven that He touched your life to be partakers of the fruit of souls being saved and the abundant treasure being stored in heaven for you.




September 2016


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11


I praise Jesus for all that he is done this month. We continue to pray our Heavenly Father will shower you everyday with His goodness in your life. We are always thankful to our Heavenly Father for your prayers love and support. Teresa


After a teaching on baptism in church this month five Youth said the word they heard had brought conviction to their heart and asked to be baptized.

During the baptism Teresa told me she felt the joy in her heart and the great peace of the Lord to see these young people who fully surrendered their life to Jesus. That's more fruit of souls to your account ! Thank you Jesus ! There are still many who are lost but as we continue to speak His word, it will not return void and in due time they will give their whole life to Jesus !


Thank our Lord Jesus that we are able to share His message in elementary schools. As we share His word Little hearts are drawn to their father.

They then Grow as we teach them to sing praises to our Lord Jesus, also action praise songs . We teach them to worship, to memorize & speak their Bible verses and teach them the ways of the Lord for their everyday life, being children that reverence and obey our Lord Jesus in their lives.

After the teaching they receive the delicious food with all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow healthy physically.

Please be in prayer that the first shipment of food will arrive this month as we only have enough food for this month.

Praise Jesus we almost have all the money we need to ship our last shipment for this year. Thank you and God bless you, lots of treasures to your account as thousands of little children bow their precious little head and say Thank You Jesus for You!


Praise Jesus for the life of the youth at the Refuge House, even though many trials they stand firm on the word and the promises of our Heavenly Father. They are a living testimony in the schools as this month they were asked to give a dance presentation in both elementary and high school.

The teachers told Teresa, they were amazed at the boldness of the youth. They said this was the first time a Christian youth group had danced for the Lord, and shared the love of Jesus to the whole campus. They also were giving out tracks and witnessing in the open market in town.


Have a blessed day. When we went to the market to give the one way tracks and share Jesus, we were so excited. We gave tracks and told people about Jesus to people who were roaming around in the market and also to the vendors and everybody we encountered. All of us experience that some received and some did not. Even though some we're not responsive we still give them a big smile and tell them that Jesus loved them very much. Everyone who went that day was very joyful and happy with the experience. After we finished we were able to get some delicious snacks!

On the way home in the multicab everyone was so happy and excited we were singing all the way home making a happy noise.


We are so thankful for all of you. As rainy season has now started the multicab is even a bigger blessing. All the children are doing great and thank you letters are on the way.

Below is one of the children's testimonies:

Hi my name is Ivy Ortega, 16 years old and I have 5 brothers, 1 adopted brother, the youngest and 4 sisters. Some are already married and only 3 of my brothers me and my youngest sister went to school.

We have a small bamboo house and use coconut leaves for the roofing and a soil floor. We have 1 bedroom and all sleep there. My mother is a housewife but sometimes she sell fish house to house so we could have something to use for daily needs.

My father is a part time carpenter. At my young age I already experience the hardship of life. Most of the time I am absent from class so me and my brother can help sell fish. So many times going to school very wet because of the rain and 6 kilometer walk. Sometimes I feel ashamed to my classmates and teacher because I could not pay most of the school project.

But one day there is a foreigner build a house and they start with feeding program and I went to attend their activity and that is the time when I ask Jesus to come into my heart and be my savior and Lord of my life. I am very happy because I felt that there is changes and I am so excited in every activities. I learn to pray and talking to our Lord Jesus for every situation I and my family have until my brothers and sister accept Jesus on their heart. Until we come to Sunday service through the year praying, dancing to Jesus and listen to the Word of Jesus so many excited moments we experienced the very first time. We could eat delicious food, and receive a wonderful gift each year. Until I became a sponsor child, I could really tell how bless I am and even my family. It's a great blessing for my life because I now stay here at refuge house and experience all the goodness and blessing every day. We have a nice ride to school and my parents are very thankful for your life and your kindness to me. Because of your generosity I have experienced the goodness of our Lord Jesus in my life.


We always thank our father in heaven for the love of Jesus Christ that flows through you and always praying for you. My heart overflows with love for you for all you do to help the precious children. I know that our Father will richly reward you. We pray all the promises in Psalms 41: 1,2,3 Will be manifested in your life.





August 2016


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11


Everyone here at the Refuge are so thankful for your continued prayer and support for all areas of I Am Born Again Ministries.

Because of the love of Jesus in you so many people see the goodness of our Heavenly Father as they continue to seek our Lord Jesus Christ.

All of us here at the refuge pray every day that the blessings in Psalms 41: 1,2,3 — that are yes and amen in Christ Jesus — will be manifested in you and your family.

We Love You!


We praise Jesus that after you read the newsletter last month that we had several more confirmed sponsors for the school sponsorship program.

It is a tremendous blessing for the children and the family to be a partaker of the school sponsorship program.

Only our Father in heaven knows what might have happened to the children if they had to leave home to go to school.

We thank our Lord Jesus for his love and compassion in you to help these precious children. If anyone else wants to be a part of this ministry please let us know. The following is a testimony of one sponsored teenagers.

My name is Sammy Vizon and I am 14 years of age and I'm in 9th grade and this is my life testimony when I let Jesus come into my life.

I grow up that my father is not around, only my mom doing everything she can to supply our daily needs and in our situation. My mother could not send me in high school for we are lack of financial to provided every thing I might need to be in high (school). And even in my young age when I was in elementary, I felt so sad because I'm thinking even though I could finish my elementary I could not be in high school.

Time come there is a foreigner living in our place and they have feeding program. Me and my cousin always attended every activity and even in church service. I let Jesus come into my heart and they teach us how to pray and having a desire on our heart.

I remember what my mother told me and I start asking my Heavenly Father for my desire. Before I finish my elementary (school), Pastor Harrell and Pastora Lolita allow me to stay at Refuge House. I felt the happiness in my heart because I receive the answer of my prayer.

From that day I give my whole life to Jesus and knowing that He loves me so much. From the day I let Jesus come in my heart, I experience so many blessing. Now I'm so bless because I'm in 9th grade because of your generosity. I experience all the blessing in my life through I Am Born Again Ministries while serving our Heavenly Father doing bible study in the children’s on every Sunday teaching, some heavenly action song, prayer, teaching the kids some story from the bible and back up praise and worship.

I am very thankful also because I learn something: the Lord told me seek His kingdom first and I put that word in my heart and do His will.

Now I am very thankful to all of you, for letting me experience this kind of life. Through your prayer and generous heart, I continue my study with everything I need and the love of a father on me.

I experience to go many places aside where I stay because pastor Harrell let me come (to) every outreach. I also learning dance with the youth here in Refuge House. I learn to share the love of Jesus to others and doing some chores here at Refuge House.

My mother also is very happy (and) thankful for all the things I experience here at Refuge House and she acknowledged how big help and opportunity I have.

Thank you so much! I always pray for all of you and for your love for me. I’m doing all my best for my study being thankful for all the sacrifice, time, strength and support for me and for everybody here that (are) recipient(s) of school sponsorship.

God Bless you all abundantly! And because of your generosity I have received Jesus my personal savior.

Thank you and God bless you,
Sammy Vizon


If you would like to send a gift specifically for your prayer partner let us know so we can make sure it is marked for them.


Please email us at Lolita83gh@gmail.com or call us at (352)433–7002 when you have gifts to pick up. We are packing and shipping as they come in. Any school supplies that you have to send will be sent with presents. We will continue this till the end of September. That is the latest that we can ship this year.


As the price for shipping has increased, we would prefer to buy the bikes in the Philippines. $75.00 will purchase a very nice bike for a child which the whole family benefits from the use of it. Just write "Bike" in memo for this gift.


I cannot begin to explain what a tremendous blessing this is to children. Many of the children that you feed are malnourished and sometimes the meal they get at school is the only meal they get that day.

The manna pack and mac & cheese have all the vitamins and minerals that a growing child needs. These vitamins and minerals in the food are critical for their growth and development: The spiritual food of discipleship is also critical for them, so that they may become rooted and grounded in God's word and grow in knowledge and faith.

Praise Jesus , Our Father is faithful ,we have shipped the mac & cheese for this year. We have one more shipment of Mana pack to send this year.

The cost of shipping is $1710.00. Please pray in agreement with us for the provisions for shipping. Thank you.

In closing, we praise our Lord Jesus for the abundant harvest of souls, fruit to your account, and the tremendous amount of treasures that are being stored in heaven for you.

We thank our Father in heaven for the love and compassion of his son Jesus that flows through you.

We always pray in faith that are heavenly father will pour out the heavenly and earthly blessings in your life and your family.

Thank you and may God richly bless you.





July 2016


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

I am so thankful and we are always praying for those who are a part of I Am Born Again Ministries: for good health, protection, blessing, favor, and provisions. Thank you for being there for us. We are so thankful to our Father in heaven for your life.

Thank you for your love extended to the many children here in Palawan. Thank you for your big heart, that even though we are so many we all still fit inside your heart.

To pray for you is a great privilege and we are going to pray always, thanking our Father in heaven for your life. As we continue serving our Lord Jesus Christ by sharing His love and doing His will, we are so thankful for your prayers for us here.

Blessings, Teresa


We are so thankful for your prayers and support. We praise Jesus for the multi-cab school bus providing the children a ride to school. -- especially during rainy season, so they do not have to walk 6 km through mud and rain.

The parents are so very thankful that their children are able to go to school because of the love of Jesus expressed by you in being a part of the sponsorship program.

Last year with 40 sponsors we were able to help 101 children go to school. This year, as of writing this newsletter, we have 15 confirmed sponsors.

Please be in prayer for sponsors for children this year. I cannot stress enough how very important this is so the children can stay at home and not be sent away from their home environment to go to school. Please pray and Thank you!

In the event our precious Lord speaks to your heart to help with these children's education, please call at (352) 433-7002 for information. Or just write sponsor in memo line on your check. Again Thank You for your Love!

Blessings Lolita


As the schools have started back for the new school year, so has our discipleship and feeding in the schools.

Last month Mom Vergi with our Discipleship Teams along with pastors and youth leaders, had a workshop at the Refuge, to refresh what needs to be taught, and to share new ideas and techniques of how to teach the children the ways of Jesus.

It was a great time of preparation for this school year.

We have been to all the schools and talked with all the head teachers emphasizing our goal is to teach Jesus is first in everything.

All of the head teachers are so thankful to all of you who are a part of I Am Born Again Ministries for the Teaching & Feeding.

They shared with us what a great blessing it is to have 100% attendance on the dates we have a feeding program scheduled.

The teachers shared with us, "most of the children do not have breakfast for lack of food at their home therefore the meal they receive in school it is a great blessing."

The teachers and all of us here at the Refuge pray daily that our Father in Heaven will continue to pour the greatest blessings, favor and provisions to you: That you will have abundant fruit to your account and huge amounts of treasure in heaven!

All the children in the schools are always praying for blessings upon you thanking our Father for you!

Please be in prayer for Brother Jeff for healing and provisions to ship our next shipment of food.

Blessings Teresa


When you have gifts to ship please let us know. We are shipping as they come in.


Weekly worship service, Wednesday night prayer warrior, Friday night bible study, Saturday morning kids Bible study, Saturdaynoon youth bible study, with afternoon outreach and house to house prayer, Saturday evening adult bible study and everyday 5 AM prayer round out our weekly gatherings at the Refuge and continues to grow.

In closing, our hearts are always thankful to our Father in heaven for you!

We continue to experience HIS blessing every day with the strength that we use and the air that we breathe.

In every situation we continue to praise our Lord Jesus, always praying, praising and thanking our Heavenly Father for your life.

With our warmest and deepest love, we say thank you and God Bless you.





June 2016


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

Our hearts are full of thankfulness to our Heavenly Father for His love and mercy. As we continue to do His will, He speaks to our hearts in everything and in every situation be thankful and have courage, because so many people still suffer with much pain and hardship and do not know Jesus: The one who can deliver them from the bondage. As we continue reading and meditating on His word every day and ask for His wisdom our spiritual being is getting stronger, so in every situation we can share our Fathers great love to everyone who needs our precious LORD JESUS in their hearts and lives.


School starts back this month and we have children who desperately need help with their school expenses.
We are in the process of contacting our sponsors from last year. In the event you have not been contacted, please call me at (352) 433-7002.
Also if you know someone who would like to be a tremendous blessing to a precious child please call for information on being a sponsor.


I am Ezekiel Alipoon, 14 years of age and my mother is a single parent of five sons. I could really feel in my heart that in my young age I experience the problems and standing like a father to my youngest brother because I am the oldest.

In my 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade I felt the earth is over me, I am not the same with other kids in school playing, because if ever I go to school , I bring my brother with me in school so I'll be able to go to school because I have a big dream in my heart that if I finish my study, someday I could help my mother in everything we need.

But time come to me there is Refuge House, and there I meet Jesus, I received Him. I am so happy because one day, I've been ask if I want to stay at refuge house and I felt the big joy and hope in my life, when I ask my mother she said yes. On that moment I'm so glad but also sad because nobody gonna watch my brothers, but inside in my heart I am excited also to experience the new beginning in my life.

The big changes is happening in my life, I experience being a boy, have toys, remote cars, time to study, have some playmates, laughing and I pray. The hope of my future is coming on my way and being a simple kid turn to a young man.

I help in kid's bible study, teaching some heavenly action songs to the kids, leading the prayer, and now, I also help pack up the praise and worship material and sometime I read scripture for the offertory. I help around the house, sometimes cooking and get drinking water.

My life is been happy since I ask Jesus in my life, I experience that I can go so many places, eat delicious food, riding in cars, motorcycle, have my own very nice bike and the love from people like all of you.

I am so thankful for pastor Harrell and Lolita for their love and care for me, and the people here at Refuge House who is teaching me every day for good things and they've been a great family who care and love me.

I am so thankful to our Lord Jesus for His great love for me and letting me have this kind of life. I really don't experience this without Him who is my great Father in Heaven.

Thank you for your love and prayer for me, I am so thankful because you are always there for me and helping me in prayer to make my dreams. I always love you and I always pray for you and you are always in my heart.


(Because of the love and compassion of Jesus in you, Ezekiel at 14, graduated from elementary school this year and this month starts 7th grade. What a great blessing you are. Lolita)


We are collecting and sending the gifts now and will continue to do so until September. Any gift for a specific child will be marked for them when we ship.

Please pray for provision to ship as the price per box is now $70 to ship plus $5 for the box itself.


As school begins this month so does our Discipling and Feeding Ministry. Praise Jesus, we have the provision to send the Manna packs with all the vitamins and minerals that the children need. Also we were just informed the Mac & Cheese with vitamins and minerals is also ready to ship. Please be in prayer for provisions to ship this also.


In April "Jesus is Lord" church had a youth camp at the Refuge. In May they came and had an "Encounter God" retreat. You and I are so blessed as the people always are saying that the Refuge is such a great place to enter into our Lords presence with so much love and peace. The people at the Encounter God retreat said the Refuge was like the Ark in this area; a place of peace and safety and they were so thankful to have been here.

They were thanking our Father and Praising Jesus for You!

In closing, myself, the children at the Refuge House and all the members of the church, kids and parents are very thankful for your life and for all of your prayers for us and our hearts are overflowing with joy and thanksgiving for your life, because we know that you are with us in spirit every day of our lives and help us in prayer, bringing our supplications to God who is the source of everything.

We always want you to know that you are in our prayers every day that you are always blessed and have all the provision and favor for your life from our Lord Jesus Christ and in everything you do, you will experience the abundance of our Heavenly Father.





May 2016


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

I will continue to schedule opportunities to share our ministry work with you or your group through September. Please give me a call (352) 433-7002.


School will resume the first week of June. This sponsorship ministry is such a great blessing to the children and their families. Please pray for sponsors for the children this coming year. This is a tremendous opportunity to be a big blessing to a child in Palawan.


Praise Jesus! We have $1,300.00 of the $1,600.00 needed to ship the first food shipment of the year. Please keep praying!

Note from Teresa

This month, aside from our old areas of feeding children, we started two new areas and we are planting God’s Word in the children’s heart and feeding their hungry tummies.

The last two months no rain and the farmers cannot plant their crops and the fishermen are catching very few fish. Not only the children but everyone is hungry and they come.

This has brought about a great opportunity to share the love of God through His son Jesus Christ, including the love expressed by feeding them.

I am so thankful to our Lord and grateful for your generosity and His Love in you for feeding so many hungry children in the Tribes, local areas and churches.

Thank you for your prayers and we always pray every day for more blessings in your life.



The youth have been really busy this month. They have been going to homes praying for people, sharing testimonies and talking to people about Jesus!

They had a Youth Camp learning new ways to present the gospel and sharing Jesus with others. They were challenged to draw closer to our Lord and stay strong in faith.

They also have been going to widows’ homes and praying and cleaning their homes and yards. Getting water, firewood and whatever they could to help them.

The youth were also asked to perform a dance presentation to the Lord on Foundation Day Celebration, and Teresa shared how Jesus had changed the hearts of our youth. It was a great testimony of our Lord and everyone from the Braqngy Captain to residents was touched and very thankful!

They also attended several days of Leadership Training this month.


We have a video presentation that will be sent, by e-mail, to everyone on our e-mail list.

This video was produced by Elizabeth Phillips from the filming she did last Fall while at the Refuge and is excellent!

I know a number of you do not have time to watch all the videos we send, but I ask you to watch this one! If you do not watch any other video, please watch this one! Share it with others.

We will send it several times this month so everyone will get the opportunity to watch it. Again open it, click on the video and watch. It is a great video.

In closing, I want to thank you very much for all your prayers and support. I know that every seed that is planted in hearts will bring an abundant harvest of souls, fruit to your account and treasures in heaven.

We thank our Lord for your life, being there for us with your love and prayers. Your prayers help give everyone at the Refuge the strength to fight the good fight of faith.

We all pray for you daily for God’s greatest blessings in your life!


This is the Video, Please turn your volume up, click on the video, and watch & Listen.

Documentary Short Film: Life in the Philippines




April 2016

Praise Jesus!

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

We are here in the U.S.A.! God Bless the U.S.A. My cell phone number is (352) 433-7002.

I am excited to come and share with you what great things our Lord has done at the Refuge House.

Please call me if I could share with you or your church group what our Lord is doing in the Philippines.

I am now scheduling for May through September.


The children are out of school April and May but will start back in June. We thank our Lord Jesus for you because of His Love and compassion working through you.

The kids are blessed to be able to attend school. Their school supplies, school projects, tuition, modules, uniforms, transportation, food and snacks: All expenses were paid.

You are such a huge blessing as most of the parents could not afford to send their children to school. We had 43 kids in the Refuge church and 58 in the Tribal church who were blessed to be able to go to school.

The following note is from Julius C Paalan, resident pastor of Lingo:

Since we became a part of your Scholarship program, our children have a big hope to finish their studies, because of your continuous financial support for them.

Through Scholarship program the parent of the children are no longer wondering where to get their financial, to be paid for miscellaneous. We now have 58 children who will finish their grade level this school year, and it happen because of your financial support.

We so much appreciate your help to us/ In behalf of our church leaders and parent's we would like to express our deep gratitude and thanks to your continuous support to us.

Words is not enough to express our deepest thanks. But we are keep praying that may God Bless I Am Born Again Ministries, all sponsors and individuals. May God Pour out His Blessing to you.


This will resume in June. All the children were blessed spiritually by our Lord Jesus teachings and physically by the nutritious food.

Our Lord provides around 15,000 meals each month and the teachers shared that when we have Discipling and feeding there is 100% attendance.

Many children are being saved and disciple and many churches continue to grow with new ones starting.

Please be in prayer for the provision of $1,600 to send our 1st shipment of food this year.

Here is note from Pastor Samuel:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On behalf of our daughter churches, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the ministry of feeding the children extended to us.

It's been my desire to feed them in their spiritual lives as well as their physical but because my limitations, it was not possible to feed them physically. Thank God you are the answer,,Praised God Halleluiah.

We started three churches Linao, Camelet, and Sabsaban as the Lord Continue to pour out His Blessing through you. Then the sponsorship of children in grades one to six ( 58 of them ). The children grew in their prayer life; they did not only pray in church but even in their respective homes.

As the Lord continues His provision seven more churches availed the feeding program. Thank God for His Faithfulness.

And to all donors, sponsors and supporters, May God continue to Bless you abundantly. Your dollars go along-long way to the less fortunate tribal people here in Palawan. Your labor is not in vain.

Thank you very much for your kindness and love, God Bless you

In Christ Love, Samuel M. Lacanilao

This month we want you to meet DoyDoy, our school bus driver.

Hello , I drive the school cab to school to take and pick up the kids from school. Day by day it's a great blessing for me, to do this job. I am so happy because the children who ride are different from other kids.

When they ride in the morning, they pray and sing praises to Jesus and say their memory-verse from the bible. While riding they sing and clapping their hands, and their just happy kids. When I pick them up in the afternoon, they do the same thing. but after their prayer and singing some are sleep already.

What a wonderful day that I have because of these children. Thank you so much for this opportunity and it's a big blessing for me and my family. God Bless You All..

Thank You so much for a nice and wonderful cab that we have to use for the children, I am more happy and very thankful to Jesus and to all of you and I will always do my best to take good care of this cab.

Doy Doy


Please continue to pray for our ministry team and children.

We always pray for all of you and every day we ask our Heavenly Father to bless your life with all the favor and provision and whatever the desire of your heart will be answered.

All of you is always in our hearts and in our prayers because we know that the word thank you is not enough for all the good things that all of us here experience.

We believe in our hearts that by prayer we can express how thankful we are and how thankful all the children and parents are to have you in our life.

Love, Lolita




March 2016

Praise Jesus!

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

Hello everyone! This is Lolita writing this month’s newsletter. Harrell is taking a sabbatical and I will be doing future newsletters and communicating for the ministry.

Harrell has been in the mission field 16 years. When we are state side he travels almost every weekend sharing the vision. Now Harrell needs rest and healing and he will be on a sabbatical.

I have much to share about what our Father is doing through the ministry.


Sunday Service is always great, and we constantly see new faces desiring to experience the presence of our Heavenly Father. They realize that no human can give them the peace, the joy and have their prayers answered except our Lord Jesus. Several people surrendered to our Lord Jesus this month at Sunday worship. One that was particularly exciting to us was a 60 year old LOLA (grandmother) named Luz.

After hearing Pastor Ojie’s message she excitingly raised her hand for Jesus and was water baptized after the service. She was so joyful after her baptism!


The feeding program continues to be a great blessing for all the children in schools, churches and especially in tribes. All are so thankful for this ministry and for all of you who care so much for the hungry children here: specially for all the tribal children. This has been a great blessing here in Palawan Philippines, to have this kind of food full of the vitamins that the poor and hungry children need for their physical bodies, and the Biblical teaching that is being done to help in their spiritual journey. Thank you so much for all the prayers and support for I Am Born Again Ministry.


I want to share with you about our Ministry Workers here at the Refuge in Palawan over the coming months.. This month I want to share about Mom Vergie. Everyone calls her Mom Vergie because she does so much to help all the children who come to the Refuge, as well as being in charge of several schools in the Discipling and Feeding Ministry. She is married and has six children of her own. She does an excellent job teaching the children to follow Jesus and always counselling and encouraging them. She is a great blessing to the ministry and a perfect example of how our Father can use you. The following is a ……


I am so thankful for having this opportunity to teach this children about Jesus. It’s a big challenge for me because I never think that I can do this, I am just a fish vendor, selling fish to my neighbors, selling near my village and I just walk to do that, but now I am so blessed and thankful to have a life that I share the love of Jesus to all the children in school that have feeding. Every time I share about Jesus I always ask our Lord Jesus for the heavenly knowledge and wisdom. I am so happy because I see the willingness of the children and parents who cook the food and especially the support of the teacher, they are so thankful for the privilege to have the feeding at their school. Because of your prayer and support I experience this kind of life, thank you so much for all of you. God Bless You!


Our first shipment of “Mana Pak” for school feeding for this year will cost around $1600. Please be in prayer for this provision. Thank You!

All parts of ministry are doing great but please continue in prayer with us. In closing I will share a message from Teresa, who is in overall charge of the various ministries at Refuge House. What she says is the heart of all of us in I Am Born Again Ministries.

It’s been a bless month, as we continue to serve our Heavenly Father, every morning and every night in our prayer here at refuge house, we ask pray for more souls to be saved, revival in the church and th goodness of our Lord will continue to pour out in everyone’s life. Our Lord Jesus is great, He always pour His Blessing to His children who continually seek Him, no matter of what situation and hardship they face. Jeremiah 33:3 says: Call unto me and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things and fulfill His promises every day

We are so much thankful for all of your prayers for us here, thank you so much for all the wonderful things that we experience through your prayers and support at I Am Born Again Ministries, so many children experience the blessing that never experience before, many parents are happy and thankful for all the prayers and support. They always say that they are so much bless, and always pray for all of you that the goodness and favor of our Lord Jesus will be in your life.




January 2016

Praise Jesus!

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

It's a New Year and closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus' return! Come quickly Lord Jesus! All of us here at Refuge House in Palawan pray you have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!

We want to take this time to make a great shout of Thank You to our Father in Heaven for touching you to be partners with us in building His Kingdom here in Palawan!


Reflecting back over 2015 at all the great things our Lord has done is just humbling and blessed.

Thousands of new believers repented of sin, believed Jesus to be the Son of God walking here on earth in the flesh and called upon Him as their Lord and Savior.

Around 200,000 meals were given to precious hungry children in Jesus' name!

One hundred and one (101) beautiful precious children were able to attend school this year through the school scholarship program in Jesus name!!

Children in elementary schools were discipled and taught the ways of Jesus!

Bicycles, dolls, toy cars, stuffed animals, knit caps, clothes and much more was given in Jesus' name!

Many families were helped in assorted ways: Some were homeless, some Typhoon victims and many from the different churches of Palawan.

The Refuge House gave love, shelter and the Good News of Truth to all who came, be it one day or many.

All of this and so much more, because of the Love of Jesus flowing through you by way of partnership with us to build His Kingdom!!

Tears of joy flow down my face as I think of how wonderful and loving you are. Praise to our precious Lord springs from my heart because of the abundant fruit being added to your account and the great treasures stored in heaven for you! Our deepest, warmest and humblest Thank You! God Bless You! We Love You!

Now with a New Year starting and forgetting the things behind, we shall press forward to the high mark, the high calling in Christ Jesus! Together you, me and HIM, (a 3 strand cord is not easily broken) will continue to preach Jesus everywhere we go and build HIS KINGDOM!

The following is a short but greatly insightful note from Elizabeth Phililps on her trip here to Palawan for a visit with us:

Now back at home, I am again flooded with ever divergent purposes vying for my attention. I can get so overwhelmed sometimes that I can almost forget the simple message of the Gospel or my eternal purpose to know Him and make Him known to those around me, to love God with all that I am and to love others.

But the lives of my new Filipino friends are now woven into mine and tether me to that purpose. My experiences there will be in my heart forever (Philippians 1:3-6):

The gracious hospitality of everyone at the Refuge;
The sound of worship and prayer of children rising over the predawn surf;
The laughter bursting from the children(and the sisters!) as we played in the waves of the sea;
Their eagerness to help in any way;
Their songs and excited chatter on the bus ride to school;
Their hearty greeting when I entered a room;
The bold and fervent prayers of young leaders;
The scriptures spoken in unison by entire grades of students;
The raised hands of children at school outreach who said yes to Jesus;
The compassion of pastors working together to reach the lost, disciple young believers, and help meet physical needs;
A beautiful rainbow appearing just over the mountain where we would be hiking into the Palawano tribe;
Ariel and Pastor Samuel guiding and lifting me as I trekked the mountain path; The way they guarded me as one of their own;
The tears of beautiful new friends whom God has redeemed and brought through the most difficult of circumstances.
And that is just the beginning!

All this to say thank you for being part of this journey to the Philippines! Thank you all at the Refuge for welcoming me with open arms, giving of your time, and faithfully serving the Lord in so many ways. I pray that God will help me to convey your hearts as I tell your stories. May the ministry through I Am Born Again Ministries be multiplied for His glory!

Love in Christ,

Elizabeth's visit was such a blessing to us here on our Philippine island of Palawan and I feel sure you will be seeing more evidence of her visit in the coming months. Our plan for the New Year 2016 is a simple one -------


We Love you



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