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June 2021



The municipal government has ordered all children 15 years old and younger to stay home. No roaming around or social gathering at all. They must stay at home. So we have had to stop feedings in all areas. The 16 years old to adults can only gather 10 in a group and must wear a mask and 6 feet distance. We must wear face masks everywhere. Hopefully when you receive this newsletter, it will be lifted.


We continue to have Sunday worship service. We do several small services so everyone can come and obey the 10 person gathering. Only youth that are 16 years old and above and the parents are allowed to come and must wear face masks. There have been some pastors arrested for not obeying the guidelines set by the government.

Our Prayer Warrior meetings on Wednesday continue also, again at different times so everyone can attend. Our Friday Bible Study and prayer meeting still continues also. Only the kids' bible study and kids’ church are stopped at this time.


Because we are not allowed to go feed kids during the week, we decided to fix the bamboo fence around the property. The fence was getting in bad shape and animals were getting into the refuge.

Parents and youth above 16 came at different times to work on the fence along with our Refuge House Team. After working on the fence, we served snacks for everyone. It was a wonderful few days and we are very thankful because everyone came with a smile on their faces and did the fence with thankful hearts. We have about half of the fence done. The total cost will be approximately $175 dollars if anyone would like to help with cost.


We have one student graduating this year from high school who has a desire to go on to college. Ezekiel has been in the Refuge House for 7 years and wants to be a member of P.N.P. (Philippine National Police). The Police School in College will start in September 2021. The cost for his first year of college is $3,500.00. This includes all the tuition fees, school projects, fare and snacks for a year, books, shoes, and school uniforms. He will continue to live at Refuge House during the first year of college. Please be in prayer for the provisions for his police school! Thank you!

Shoney and Jackielou are doing well in their college classes and will finish their second year in July unless COVID restrictions make it longer.


We are thankful to our Heavenly Father for answering all our prayers this month and for providing all our daily needs and we always thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for all of your lives, for all of your prayers. We always ask our Heavenly Father to pour out abundant blessings into your lives and into your family everyday. Safety, Good Health and Protection.

Thank You so much and God Bless You.
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team and Kids!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


Before & After Pictures of Bamboo Fence Below

Bamboo Fence (Before)

Bamboo Fence (After)

Working on the Bamboo Fence

Working on the Bamboo Fence

May 2021



We just received word that a two-week lockdown is in effect.


The Saturday before Resurrection Sunday all the youth and all the kids came to the Refuge and spent the night. We prayed together thanking our Heavenly Father for His great love that's never ending, thanking Him for salvation. After the Praise & Prayer, we watched the Passion of Christ.

Early Sunday morning, we praised our Lord Jesus Christ and thanked Him for reminding us of the great love of our Heavenly Father to us. As the sun was rising, it showed us the Hope in Jesus Christ and reminded us that we could rise and not to be weary in all things.

We may have some ups and downs in our lives but through our Lord Jesus Christ we have always hope in Him. That hope is giving us strength physically and spiritually. That hope is giving us strength to continue what He wants and needs us to do for His Kingdom -- to continue to reach those souls who need our Lord Jesus in their lives.

That is why we always choose to live in the presence of our Heavenly Father to be able to reach everyone who needs Jesus in their lives. In the presence of our Heavenly Father we have joy, strength and courage that we can share with others.

We are thankful to our Lord Jesus always for your life. Thank you so much for all of your prayers for us here.
– Blessings Teresa


Even though lockdowns are still in many parts of the Philippines, the Refuge House Team is able to start going and sharing Jesus, feeding malnourished kids and giving gifts.

Pastor Jobert is in a tribal area and is planting a new church. Our Refuge House Team shared Jesus, taught kids about prayer, action praise songs, taught Bible verses, fed the kids and then gave gifts. This is the first time kids in this place have ever received a gift, ever! They were so excited and thankful.

We also visit Pastor Jerrick in Bato-Bato. He also is pioneering a new church. They are meeting under a couple of tarpaulins as they are slowly gathering material, lumber nails etc. to build a place of fellowship.

Again our Refuge House Team shared Jesus, taught kids about prayer, action praise songs, taught Bible verses, fed the kids and then gave gifts. Pastor Jerrick shared a thankful message and encouraged everyone to pray for I Am Born Again Ministries and especially pray always for all of you in the Refuge House Family.

Thank you & God bless you for being a part of Refuge House Family.
We love you very much!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team & Kids

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


April 2021


We serve a risen living savior. He is alive, alive forever more amen!


Praise Jesus, Shoney and Jackielou have been blessed with the provision to complete their second year of college!! THANK YOU JESUS!!


The Refuge House Team was finally able to give out all the clothes, toys, shoes, umbrellas, hats, colorful bathrobes, swimming floats, and more. The women acted like the bathrobes were mink coats and posing in them with their hats on! So Funny! The youth and kids were so excited about the floats and toys! After they finish their school work they all gather at the beach to swim with their floats!! EVERYONE was so VERY VERY THANKFUL!!

Teresa sent this to you: We are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for your life, thank you so much for your generosity.


This week is the end of the evangelism training, and everyone is ready to go and evangelize more souls and bring in the presence of the Lord to every heart that is willing to receive.

We always remind ourselves to come and pray together. We can find ways to gather together to give thanks to the Lord because we are nothing if we are not connected to the source of our life, the source of our strength, which is our Lord Jesus Christ. We always remember that each one of us will experience the end of our time on this earth. That is why since we still have time, since we still have the life that comes from our Heavenly Father, we can use our time to glorify our Creator.

We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for all the blessings and for your time and efforts especially for all your prayers for us here. We always pray for all of you for your safety, long life and good health every day.


One morning at 3am, we were awakened by our dog barking very hard. At first I felt fear not knowing what was there. I called Ezekiel, and we went and found a man standing by the coconut trees on the beach asking for help. It was hard for him to speak while he explained what happened to him. He asked if he could have coffee and if he could call his wife and let her know that he was alive. We could see he was soaking wet and shaking freezing cold. We fixed coffee, and food, noodles and bread and gave him dry clothes and blankets to wrap in.

After he ate and warmed up, he shared what had happened. There were four of them in a boat out fishing near Sombrero Island (The island we had evangelized years ago). A storm came up and big waves crashed over the boat and sank it. He and one of the other fishermen had grabbed a piece of the bamboo from the wrecked boat to stay afloat. He had been in the sea for 14 hours hanging on to the bamboo. Right after dark that night his companion told him he was very tired and was cramping and could not hold on. Just a little later he realized the other man was not there anymore. He told us he just prayed to the Lord that he could reach the seaside. He came ashore maybe a kilometer or two from the Refuge House.

He slowly painfully walked down the beach carrying the bamboo he had used to keep him afloat. He said he walked past several homes but kept going because he saw a light down the beach. It led him to the Refuge House. When he arrived he could hardly talk as he cried for help, so weak we could not hear anything but the dog barking.

About 6am we got Kuya NoNong, and he and Ezekiel carried him to the Barangy captain to report what happened. Several hours later he (Julito) and his wife returned to thank us for what we had done to help him. They were very thankful, and Julito shared how he had become a Christian years ago but had walked away from the Lord and the church.

Mom Vergie told him he may have left the Lord and the church but the Lord God Almighty brought him back to the church again and had given him another chance to serve the Lord. She told him He could have stopped at many homes but the Lord brought him to the Refuge House Church. They smiled and thanked us again and went home. He is a fisherman from Aborlan.

That day we gave thanks to God for the life he gave to Julito. We prayed for him that he would serve the God who gave him life. We were thankful to the Lord who put us here in this area and gave us encouragement and strength in that moment. We gave thanks to the Lord for the safety and for using us here at Refuge House for victory. We ask for prayer for the families of the other fishermen.

Thank You & God Bless You for being a part of The Refuge House Family. We continually keep you in our prayers.

Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team & Kids

Thank you & God bless you for your prayers, encouragement and support!
We are so very thankful for your love!
Blessings, Harrell & Lolita

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


March 2021



Praise our Lord Jesus!!
Shoney and JackieLou have finished the first semester of second year of college. Shoney is in nursing school. JackieLou is in Hospitality Management with a specialization in Cruise Ship Operation. They both tell me their school is very hard and they have to study really hard. We continue to encourage them that they can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

They both will be starting the second and last semester for their second year of college this month. I have posted at the end of the newsletter their grades from their first semester. Please be in prayer with us for the provisions of $3600.00 for both of them to complete the second and last semester of their second year in college. Thank you!! We are so thankful to our Lord Jesus for you and so proud of Shoney and JackieLou for their hard work.


We are having a five-week Evangelism Training for all kids and youth from fifth grade to high school 12th grade on every Saturday, starting in the afternoon until 8:00pm. All of the youth are very excited and eager to learn new ways of sharing Jesus with their friends. After the training is over they all spend the night at the Refuge House. Sunday mornings at regular worship service, they take turns sharing what they have learned.

Throughout the week, we have morning & evening prayer every day, Sunday worship service, Wednesday night Prayer Warriors, Friday night Bible study & Prayer meeting, Saturday morning Kids & Youth Bible Study. All the Saturday and Sunday afternoon feeding outreaches are going well.


All the Kids are doing as well as expected due to the circumstances. The printer is a HUGE blessing to help them get their assignments turned in.


The President of the Philippines signed into law Proclamation 124, which declares the month of January as National Bible Month and the last week of January as National Bible Week. Because of this, the Pastors Ministerial Fellowship, which is pastors from every church, came together and each pastor went to a different government office and shared Jesus in Narra Province.

Our Refuge House pastors were also assigned a government agency to go and share Jesus. They shared that the head of the agency that they went to made everyone come and sit down and listen. Many of the agency workers were touched by our Loving Father as they wanted to receive Jesus.

Also they went to the municipal hall in our barangy. The Barangy Captain had all the barangy officials come and listen as they shared Jesus. Many of them also wanted to receive Jesus. Praise Jesus!


Two beloved brothers of our Refuge House Family have graduated into their inheritance in Heaven. Gerald Phillips, father of our Board member Elizabeth, and Bob Liebler, husband of Mrs. Marcia, President & CEO of Bread of the Mighty Food Bank. Our love and prayers go out to each of them and their families. Please remember them in your prayers


Beloved, every day we are very thankful for all of your prayers for us. Thank you so much for your love and support for the ministry in Palawan Philippines. Every day we are praying to our Heavenly Father to bless all the works of your hand and our Heavenly Father will always protect your life and your family from every sickness. We pray that our Heavenly Father will give you long life in Jesus’ name. Amen

Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Hazel, Refuge House Team & Kids

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


February 2021



Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! We are so thankful this month for the opportunity to experience His great love to us. We all have been experiencing different emotions this last year. We have had to face some problems and trials in our lives. Our faith in the Lord has been tested in every different situation.

Thanks to our Heavenly Father we are still standing on His word in the Bible through His grace and mercy. We still stand on His promises and every day we experience the courage and hope of salvation that we have in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

We are so thankful to the Lord Jesus for the new year, for new life, a new level of faith in the Lord and new strength that we now have. We pray to our Lord Jesus Christ that each one of us will choose to be thankful every day and always have hope and joyful hearts, and stand on every promise of our Heavenly Father in our lives. We are very thankful for the blessings you share with us. Thank you for your love to us here in Palawan, Philippines. God bless you!!!

– Teresa


All the Refuge House Team scattered and went and gave food to the families in the barangy for a New Year’s meal. They gave the mac & cheese, and most families did not have much to prepare for a New Year’s meal. They also at each house were able to sing some praise songs and share from the word of God about God’s Love in Jesus Christ.

Everyone was very blessed and very thankful to have something to eat for New Year’s day. The youth came back to the Refuge House and shared how happy their hearts were while giving the food out. They shared how their hearts were so touched by the gratefulness and thankfulness and joy of the families they distributed the food to. They also were so thankful and praising Jesus for you! So thankful for our Lord Jesus working through you that they had the blessing and privilege to experience the great joy of giving. They All, Refuge House Team and the many families, send their prayers, thank you’s and love to you!!! And so do Lolita and myself!!


We were given permission to have our Thanksgiving homecoming service. But only the people in our barangy were able to come. All the members outside the barangy were not allowed to come.

Pastor Odgie brought a strong message to keep a fresh and new everyday relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Odgie encouraged everyone to continue to give their life to God, to worship Him always and thank Him for all the blessings, good health, protection provisions and the salvation that comes from our Heavenly Father that everyone experienced this year. (picture below)

Members brought different things for the meal to share with everyone. Some brought fruits, snacks or vegetables they had grown. Some brought food they found in the jungle. Everyone was so thankful and blessed for a wonderful meal - spiritual and physical.

Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Hazel, Refuge House Team & Kids


Pastor Odgie Sharing at Thanksgiving Celebration

Thank You & God Bless You for your Prayers, Encouragement and Support!
We are so very Thankful for your Love!
Blessings Harrell & Lolita

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


January 2021



All of us at I Am Born Again Ministries pray that in this New Year that you and your family will be healthy, blessed and prosperous and you stay strong in the faith!!


Praise our Lord Jesus Christ, we are so blessed and thankful for all the blessings and strength every day. It's so amazing how our Heavenly Father showed His love for us this last year.

As we celebrate and remember the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, it makes us realize how blessed we are every day because of the salvation that we experience through our Lord Jesus Christ in our lives. Because of the love of our Heavenly Father, every one of us has a reason to always be grateful in spite of what we experience this last year. Every one of us is still breathing the life that comes from our Heavenly Father. He gives us strength that we use every day. We have always hope of eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is sad that some people did not survive because of the virus, and some did not survive because of the calamities like typhoons here in Philippines. But for us that are still alive here in the Lord and experience safety in every calamity, we have big reasons to smile.
- We have a reason to have a joyful heart in the Lord.
- We have a reason to be thankful.
- We have a reason to use our life to bless others.
- We have a reason to continue to trust in the Lord and what he can do in every situation that we may face in our life.
- And when it is time to leave this Earth we will enter into our inheritance and join those who have gone before us!!

Our Father God is faithful and wants the best for us. As we start this New year 2021, all of us here at the Refuge House want to say —
Thank you and God bless you for being a part of the Refuge House Family. We are always praying for you! We love you very much! Have a blessed 2021!
Teresa, Hazel, Refuge House Team & Kids


We were Blessed with a new motorcycle a 125 Honda.

We were also blessed with new tires for the Kia Truck. We thank our Father in Heaven & praise Jesus for you!


All kids are doing modular lessons at home. They are also working on Christmas Cards and letters to send. We will get them to you as soon as possible. Also the printer is a great blessing for them.


We are still doing feedings and church services in different locations in the Barangy to keep from having large crowds. We are also having service at Refuge House and feedings there.


Youth are continuing to grow and be discipled in the ways of our Lord Jesus. It has been hard for the team to go on Gospel Outreaches during the last year, but they still have been able to minister one on one or in small groups the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Enjoy another Throwback Video from earlier outreach. Click on the image to see the video:


Ron Blanton (Pops) one of the founding Board of Directors has graduated into his inheritance in Heaven. He will be missed, but we rejoice that he is in Heaven.

Thank You & God Bless You for Being Part of the Family!
Board of Directors, Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Hazel, Refuge House Team & Kids

Have a Blessed Healthy New Year!!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


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