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April 2024



Beloved, I Am Born Again Ministries Refuge House Team had an outreach in a barangay that was a majority of Palawan Muslim this month. Pastor Erwin is pioneering the area, so our Refuge House Team went to evangelize and do an outreach and feeding for the children.

Teresa and a few of the Refuge House Team started cooking the Manna Pack. Some parents came and helped her while others gathered malunggay leaves. Teresa had to explain to the Muslim parents what were the ingredients in the cooking as they were asking if there was pork in it. She explained to them that we cook the Manna Pack with all vitamins and minerals the children need and of course they already know the malunggay leaves are high in antitoxins. (That is the green leaves you see in the pot).

While kids were coming, Hazel had started teaching kids praise songs to Jesus. One of the Muslim parents went to her and told her not to say the love of Jesus but instead use the love of Allah. Beloved, our Refuge House Team goes and lifts up the name of JESUS ONLY!! Our Refuge House Team goes and shares the saving grace of JESUS ONLY!!

The Gospel Outreach went well and most everyone was very thankful for hearing the truth of the word of God. Our Refuge House Team taught singing and dancing for JESUS! They gave chocolate candy bars and dresses to the precious little girls in JESUS Name! They fed everyone in JESUS name!

Everyone was so thankful for the chocolate and dresses. They loved and were so thankful for the feeding of Manna Pack.


We are so blessed and thankful for our loving Father God is great and we are so very thankful for the protection we received wherever we go to share the love of our Heavenly Father and the salvation that is only through the shed blood of Jesus Christ that everyone must have in their lives. Around 80 individual parents and kids receive Jesus as their personal savior in that area. Pastor Erwin will continue with their discipleship. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Thank you and God bless you always in Jesus name A-men.

Beloved, thank you for your prayers!!!
Most everyone knows we ask that everyone to please pray Acts 4:29, 30 over I Am Born Again Ministries!

I would like to remind everyone to please pray this = Acts 4:29,30 - KJV - 29 And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word, 30 By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU!


A Pastor invited the Refuge House youth to do a dance presentation at their evangelistic night. The youth do four dance presentations and share their God given talent to other youth. Also they attended pastor and leaders seminars, and our Lord Jesus Christ continued giving them more courage and encouragement for teaching the word of God. Lots more happened this month. No room to tell you here. To God be the glory, what great things HE has done!!

Thank you & God bless you for being a part of the Refuge House Family!

Be blessed and highly favored!!

We all Love You Much Much !!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Hazel and Jackielou & Kids!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


March 2024


Beloved, here in the USA, we do not share a lot about what I Am Born Again Ministries does. We have always since the Lord started this ministry have shared Jesus and given food to the homeless and needy whenever we were in the USA.

This month we have been blessed with an open door to set up many food distributions for needy people here in the USA. Our first month we were blessed to give out over 9000 lbs. of meat, produce, canned goods, bread, etc.

As warmer weather is approaching, we are praying for a way to keep the food refrigerated as we deliver to distribution places. We are thinking maybe to insulate and add a refrigeration unit to my cargo trailer. Please pray for our Lord's direction and for the provision.

Beloved, our Refuge House Team had a Gospel & Feeding Outreach at Natutungan Quezon Palawan. Quezon Palawan is on the opposite side of Palawan from our Refuge House. It is on the South China Sea side. To get there, our Refuge House Team had to drive south and then over the mountain range to get there.

Our Refuge House Team stayed at a lady named Dimples house. They cooked and slept that night at Dimples. The girls stayed in the house while the boys slept in a coconut dryer. It had a roof and bamboo floor. Some boys slept in the KIA, and some boys slept on the little terrace of the house.

The Refuge House Team prepared dinner, and after dinner used the coconut dryer hut to have prayer before going to bed, and have some reminders and a short meeting for the Gospel outreach the next day.

The next morning, part of the Refuge House Team went house to house inviting people to come. Another part of the Refuge House Team started preparing the Manna Pack with all the vitamins and minerals to feed after the Gospel outreach.

The Refuge House Team did a dance presentation to the Lord, and also a drama of Jesus healing a crippled man. Jackie Lou did the explanation and the Bible story to the kids and adults. There were also some Muslim women and children in attendance, besides the tribal people.

After the Gospel Message was presented, over 150 adults and children were drawn to repentance and surrendering to our Lord Jesus Christ, and received the free gift of salvation. GLORY TO GOD OUR LOVING FATHER!!

Afterwards our Refuge House Team gave out dresses to the girls. They also gave out chocolate, which these children had never tasted before. Teresa said they were so amazed at the chocolate. She said it was wonderful watching them eat it and the excitement they had eating it - also having the chocolate smeared all over their faces while eating.

Our Refuge House Team also fed everyone the Manna Pack with the vitamins and minerals the children need to grow healthy.


We had a great time and we were so blessed hearing their thankful hearts for coming to their place. I am so blessed and thankful from the bottom of my heart. I'm so thankful and felt so blessed seeing those people hearing the word of the Lord Jesus Christ and receiving salvation.

Life is short, and every day is a hard day for them. Every day they work so hard to provide for their daily needs.

Praise and glory to our Heavenly Father because over 150 received salvation, and we pray and believe our Heavenly Father will do something great in that place for allowing the word of the Lord to enter into their hearts.

Beloved, all the other discipleship and feeding areas are all doing great. Our Refuge House Team does an excellent job for our Lord Jesus at all the elementary schools, home churches, etc. All the youth and kids are doing well in school.

To God be the glory, what great things HE has done!!

Thank you & God bless you for being a part of the Refuge House Family!

Be blessed and highly favored!!

We all Love You Much Much !!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Hazel and Jackielou & Kids!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


February 2024



Beloved - Our Refuge House Team had another Outreach to a Palawan Tribe at Anchor Bay Evangelical Church at the village of Kakarigan in Brgy Aramaywan with Pastor Elwin Pusoc. Most of the tribe lives higher in the Mountain and come down for Sunday Service.

Because of our Lord's Blessing of food we are able to supply food for Him to feed children every Sunday -- treasures in Heaven to your account!! There were approximately 80 total people with adults and children for this outreach.

A lot of the children could not come because Saturday in the mountains is the day that they have to gather food for them to eat during the next week. The children are very shy in the mountains, and I remember that whenever I would go to these places they would hide behind trees and watch me because they never have seen someone like me. After a little while their curiosity would get the best of them and they would come, and we would start teaching them the action praise songs and share Jesus. They are so very precious!


The Refuge House Team had a Kids Day this month. The kids received prizes for their good attendance to all the activities, Bible studies and church during the month.

Hebrews 11:6 NKJV - But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Also they received chocolate along with adults at Sunday worship! They are so excited and thankful to get chocolate from the USA!


Beloved - Teresa rented a truck and took the Refuge House Team to Puerto Princessa to a Korean all-you-can-eat restaurant. A lot of the youth had never been to the city, and none of them had ever been to a restaurant where you could eat all you can.

Beloved - This Refuge House Team has faithfully served our precious Lord Jesus in so many ways this last year of 2023! They have gone to extremely hard areas to bring the salvation message of Jesus Christ to the lost without complaining but joyful and blessed to be able to! They have faithfully continued to go to home churches during the year and encourage & disciple brothers and sisters! They have faithfully continued to teach and disciple children in schools, in tribes and at the Refuge House!



We need to build a new entrance gate to the Refuge House. It will cost approximately $350. We also have to have a new battery for the Kia Truck approximately $150. Please be in prayer for these provisions. Thank you!

Also that was the first time any of them had ridden in a pickup truck, and Teresa's first time driving one. They have not said anything to me, but I know they are praying for one now!

Thank you & God bless you for being a part of the Refuge House Family!

We all love you much much!!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Hazel, Jackielou & Kids!! Be blessed and highly favored!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


January 2024


Beloved, we pray you have a blessed, prosperous, healthy new year!!


Beloved, Refuge House Church celebrated Thanksgiving for our 14 year Anniversary. We sent 3 Videos of the 2 Day and Night Thanksgiving Celebrations. One of the Videos was the Youth getting materials to decorate with. One was the Adult and Kids Day. The third one was just Kids day.


I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father for the life of the youth, giving their time and efforts to do the preparation to have success in the celebration of Refuge House Church anniversary.

Everyone was very thankful for the happy and blessed time. The first day all the adults came. Everyone was blessed with the praise dancing, the singing and worshipping of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone had lots of fun in the games.

At night we had youth fellowship and served dinner too, as well as we continued the Thanksgiving celebration. The second day was for kids, and it was a blessed and wonderful time. All the kids were very thankful and very happy for all our Lord Jesus did. They were very thankful for their gifts.

Thank you so much for your goodness and for your prayers and support. We praise Jesus Christ our Savior for your life every day.


I encourage everyone to watch the 3 videos so you really can understand the dedication to share the Good news of Jesus into all the world!!

 Mission Trip Southern Palawan 1

Mission Trip to Southern Palawan December 2023 part 1

 Mission Trip Southern Palawan 2

Mission Trip to Southern Palawan December 2023 part 2

 Mission Trip Southern Palawan 3

Mission Trip to Southern Palawan December 2023 part 3

As I watched the videos, it brought back great memories of the many years, Holy Spirit had me go to tribes to share the Gospel. I was so blessed and thankful how the youth continue to be about the Great Commission.

Isaiah 52:7 -NKJV - How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him, who brings good news, Who proclaim peace, Who brings glad tidings of good things, Who proclaims salvation, Who says to Zion, Your God reigns

Beloved, I was also reminded of how Important it is to teach and disciple the younger ones. As I am now much older, I am not sure if I could physically make the rugged, strenuous journey through the mountain jungles as before.
“The Spirit is willing but the Flesh is weak.”

Beloved, the travel to these tribes is very long and hard, starting in the truck for several hours till you can go no farther -- whether it is a landslide, a bridge washed out, an unexpected storm, or blown tire or breakdown that stops you.

On this trip, they got to a place where they had to turn around and backtrack to get motorcycles to carry everything. In the Philippines it is called “habel habel”. You then travel a few more hours and then walk a few more hours and carry everything.


Our tribal outreach team was two pastors, Erwin Bungay and Hermie Barroga, and 11 of our Refuge House Team. 19 tribal members met us where the motorcycles could go no farther and helped the Refuge House Team carry everything to the small Brethren Church in the Southern Palawan Tribe.

We shared the good news of reconciliation to our loving Father through Jesus Christ to 75 families in the tribe. Many responded to the Holy Spirit pulling.

Our Refuge House Team did praise dances, taught action praise songs, and gave testimonies of how they met Jesus through other outreach and feedings like this one years ago. Also they shared what Jesus has done in their life since then! Pastor Erwin & Hermie shared the Gospel, and we were blessed to give food to each family! We also were blessed to give gifts to 70 boys and 40 girls and 30 youth -- stuffed animals, small trucks, dolls, jackets, sweaters, combs, etc.

(Beloved, this is the first time these kids and youth had ever been given a present in their life! Also the first time the adults had been given food from a mission team!).

Everyone -- adults, kids, youth -- were so blessed, thankful and excited! To God be all glory honor & praise!!! Our Refuge House Team worked hard and did a great job for Jesus! They had to get and carry water one kilometer for cooking the “Manna Pack” and prepare everything for the outreach!! This was the first cooking of “Manna Pack” since our Lord blessed us with it!! It has all the vitamins and minerals children need to grow healthy. PRAISE JESUS FOR HIS PROVISION!!!


Please pray for more provision of the Manna Pack as it is wonderful for the kids. Also please pray for healing for me. Thank You!!

Thank you & God bless you for being a part of the Refuge House Family!

Be blessed and highly favored!!

We all Love You Much Much !!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Hazel and Jackielou & Kids !!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


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