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May 2019



I am Mom Vergie, and I would like to share what our Heavenly Father did to my brother. Last November 2018, my older brother called and told me about the situation of our youngest brother. As he explained what was going on with our brother, I realized that there was something inside of him.

(Note: the two brothers are living on the Muslim island we went to preach the Gospel a few years back with Joyce Igo.)

He would go around at night everywhere, even to the cemetery. He could not sleep, and he could not eat very much. Someone on the island had given him a very small book in Latin, and my brother does not know Latin language. He was speaking words we could not understand.

So what I did was, I prayed to Jesus Christ, and I asked the congregation at Refuge House and kids to help me in prayer and ask our Heavenly Father to heal my youngest brother.

A couple weeks later my older brother asked me to come get our youngest and bring to quack (witch) doctor. I refused because I believe that Jesus is our doctor.

So I went to get my brother and let him stay in my house. We continued to pray and declare and receive the healing. I always told him about Jesus Christ—every day. I told my brother to read the Bible. After one month he repented and surrendered to Jesus Christ on his life and believe HIM (JESUS) that HE only can heal the sickness of my brother.

I am thankful to our Heavenly Father because now he is healed in Jesus name. He always reads the Bible, and he can sleep very well. That small book in Latin word, he tore up and put in the fire. Now he is helping around the house, and he helps in house chores a lot. I can see he is healed. I am very thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for His Salvation of my youngest brother. I am thankful for everybody to help me in prayer. Thank you and God bless you.

-- Mom Vergie

(Praise Jesus) I just shouted for Joy when I received this testimony from Mom Vergie
All Glory, Honor and Praise to our Father in Heaven!


A church held their Encounter God Retreat here at Refuge House. There were 56 new believers from different barangay from South Palawan. Adults and youth came, and every one of them experienced the freedom and salvation from our Lord Jesus Christ. The pastors and leaders wasted no time praising, teaching and praying. They made sure that everyone was soaked in our Lord Jesus’ presence. They were truly saturated with the love and word of God. All the new believers were excited and amazed when they arrived at the Refuge House because of the beauty and peace of our Lord’s Refuge House.

Thank you, Father, for your loving peaceful presence.

From the start of the second day till the end, there were lots of weeping in repentance, shouts of praise for strongholds being broken in their lives and lots of praising for deliverance and freedom in JESUS!

When everybody was packing up their things to leave, I talked to the leaders and pastors. They were all telling me how blessed they were to be able to come to this wonderful place, the Refuge House. They again told me it is so peaceful and a wonderful place, also how amazed they always are during the Encounter God Retreat, how the Holy Spirit moves in every new believer. They told me that is why they always set a schedule way ahead of time so they make sure the Refuge House is available for them to use.

When it was their time to leave, everyone had such beautiful smiles, and you can see the glory of God in their faces!!

We are so thankful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his love:

All Glory, Honor and Praise to God our Father

— Blessings Teresa


We went to a small village of the Palawan tribe in the very southern part of Palawan near Brooke’s Point. Pastor Tin Tin had made the arrangements with the tribal chief for us to come. It was a 3-1/2 hour ride, then 30 minutes to the small village 5 km away from the road - not many houses but many children and some adults.

Ezekiel, Jackielou, Precious and Angelica taught them some praise songs, and I shared Bible stories. Mom Vergie gave instructions to the parents how to cook the mac & cheese. Pastor Tin Tin, Pastor Samuel and Pastor Julius shared Jesus with everyone there.


We met a 64-year-old woman who walks every Friday 5 km to help the children, and we are going to help her with provisions of mac & cheese and come every so often with Refuge House Team to help these kids grow in the Lord. We praise our Father in Heaven for His provision! She has a great burden for these kids and loves Jesus very much! We were blessed at her dedication to help these kids!


We Praise our Lord Jesus Christ, for His love endures forever! He is always faithful to His children and always does what He promises! We are very thankful because our Heavenly Father sent his Son Jesus Christ so we can experience His blessings and freedom from being a slave of this world.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shows us that He is Alive and He is waiting for the right time to come back and get His people who continually abide in Him and trust Him.

We Praise Him for His loving compassion in you! Thank you!
Blessing Harrell, Lolita, Refuge House Team and Kids

CLICK PICTURE BELOW for Video of Outreach
More Treasure in Heaven for each one of you.
Thank you and God Bless you!


Call for Prayer -- Phone # 229-326-9239


Hallelujah Harrell, Princess Lolita, Refuge House Team & KIDS!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


April 2019


Sunday Services have been so blessed as Pastor Odgie has been sharing powerful truths of God’s Word! Praise and Worship have been just wonderful as the Holy Spirit has been so strong in our service.

Our Bible study, prayer warriors, children’s church have been great also. We are so Thankful for our Lord’s Blessing on our corporate times together!


We had an outreach at an elementary school and had a blessed time. Refuge House Youth taught the kids action Praise Songs, and the kids really liked them! The Youth also did a Praise Dance for the kids!

Hazel shared a Bible story with them and talked about our Father’s love for them by sending Jesus to die for them! Many responded to the drawing of our Father!

Afterwards we had the feeding with the Mac & Cheese that has all the vitamins the kids need to grow strong! They were shouting Thank you and God bless you! ("when you fed the least of these my little ones you did it to me" — Jesus) And of course they did the Hallelujah!!

The Teacher in Charge (principal) Sir Aquino was very thankful and grateful that we came, and he gave us generous time to teach and do our outreach! He was very excited and happy to see our youth so involved with sharing Jesus! He said it was great to see young people who were good role models for the kids.

We are very thankful for your prayers and support for all the activities like the feeding program and outreaches as well as thanks to our Heavenly Father for all of your help and support in many different ways... more Treasure in Heaven for you!

-- Teresa



Praise our Lord Jesus Christ, we are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for His great love for us! This month we never experienced the rain. The weather is just hot, and the farmers could not plant. All we see is the dying grass. Even the fisherman could not start fishing because we still have those big waves. But thanks to our Heavenly Father because his abundant blessings and mercy are what we have every day!

In every situation, we always remember the promises of our Heavenly Father through His word that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We will just continue to run the race because our Lord Jesus Christ is always there for us to help us. So just keep running to Jesus and keep your eyes on Him! We are so thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ because every day we are safe and sound and in good health! Thank you so much for your prayers for us here. We are very thankful to our Heavenly Father for your life!

-- Teresa

Hazel went back to her school on another Island for graduation. She is very excited to graduate and receive her diploma! Mom Vergie went with her and is so blessed to be with her when she graduates! They will be back by the time you receive this newsletter, ready to continue building our Father’s Kingdom!!! We are so excited for her to join the Refuge House Team! Praise Jesus our Lord Blessed us with the prayer for Hazel to have income this next year while working and living at Refuge House!! We are thankful for all of your prayers and support, thank you and God bless you.

-- Lolita


Praise Jesus, all the kids passed and advanced to their next grade this year! Also we are very thankful that all of them passed, and all received honor ribbons, and a few received a medal for being top in the class!! GLORY to OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!!! I just shake my head in wonder and thanksgiving as I remember the first year we started the sponsorship — how I had to correct the boys many times. I was not sure if they would make it, much less get Honor Ribbons, BUT PRAISE JESUS they are EXCELLING in school!! THANK YOU JESUS!!

-- Harrell

Please be in prayer for more sponsors for this next year! We have new children attending church, and some little ones will start next year!!


Jackielou is starting her first year in college in June!! We are so thankful for our Lord Jesus providing for her first year of college! She was the first child to be sponsored at the Refuge House, and nine years later she is the first to be sponsored in our Higher Education!!

WE PRAISE JESUS for all your prayers and help! She is excited to become a teacher and help students learn but mainly to share JESUS with them!!

-- Lolita


Thank you so much for being partners with I Am Born Again Ministries! It is good ground to sow into for a Great Harvest! There were children who needed help and could not go to school, but because of your generosity, these children will reach their goal in life.

Thank you so much for the Refuge House for kids! That they have a safe place to be shown the love of Jesus!!! Thank you so much for helping with Gospel and Feeding Outreaches!

Thank you so much for your good heart! Everyone at Refuge House is so blessed, for having a safe and a wonderful place to worship our King of Kings and Lord of Lords JESUS!! We are very much thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for your life, for your continued prayers and support for this ministry!

We are very blessed because of all your love and support. Thank you so much for being so generous. We always pray that our Heavenly Father will continue to bless you with abundant blessings!

We pray and declare that a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over blessings will be poured into your lap!

And we all know that our labor in the Lord is not in vain -- that you have abundance of treasures in Heaven!!

Click picture below:


More Treasure in Heaven for each one of you.
Thank you and God Bless you!

Stay Strong in the Faith!

Call for Prayer -- Phone # 229-326-9239


Hallelujah Harrell, Princess Lolita, Refuge House Team & KIDS!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


March 2019



Have a blessed and Wonderful day! I'm very excited and thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for all of the blessing I experienced!

In one month I will graduate from Bible College and receive my certification, I am very excited I know how good my God is, and how great He is in my life. I remember the time I was in ninth grade when I desire to go to Bible college. I pass the three years training in school and one year training in the field (church). I am so blessed and thankful to our Heavenly Father for I Am Born Again Ministries for accepting me and for giving me a chance to be part of the ministry here in Palawan Philippines, I am so thankful because I experienced a lot of different things in ministry.

Monday to Thursday I go to school to teach children the word of God, I love teaching the children because they are very excited in our lessons, Bible verses and most of all the heavenly action song, they love it so much and they enjoy it. I am so Blessed to be a part of the feeding of malnourished children in so many places.

One of my weaknesses is lack of confidence in everything I do, but thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ because He always gives me courage to do my very best in ministry. He gives me a strong confidence to stand and to preach the Gospel in front of the people in our outreaches, in school, community, and in tribes. We really can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

My passion is to share the Gospel to everyone and I’m so thankful to God for using I Am Born Again Ministries to fulfill it. Thank you so much for your prayers and support and I pray that our Lord Jesus will pour out His blessing upon this ministry and to all of you who are part of I am Born Again Ministries.

Thank you and God bless you and your family. Hazel

Hazel was in ninth grade when our Father had us begin making disciples at Refuge House. She is one of two who went on to Bible College so far. She came back and is a tremendous blessing to the ministry.

Hazel has a desire and believes she is to continue our Lords work ministering with the Refuge House Team now that she has completed her studies. She will live at the Refuge House and has asked for $600.00 ($50.00 per month) for living expenses for the next year March 2019 to March 2020. We believe that our Father does exceedingly abundantly more than we can think or imagine! Please pray for provisions for her! Thank you!

Below is Hazel teaching kids at elementary school, youth sharing praise dance, Teresa praying with kids, kids learning praise songs, feeding our Lord Jesus’s precious kids with food that has all the vitamins and minerals they need. And of course the kids doing --Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah at the end!

Click picture below


More treasure in Heaven for each one of you.
Thank you and God Bless you!


Feeding and Discipleship in schools will end 1st of April and start back in June. Our other feedings and discipleship will continue in tribes, outreach areas and all the many churches we help and of course the Refuge House! Please Pray for provision for food and shipping for the next year. Thank you!


There is much Joy on Saturday bible studies. Everyone has a part in them as one opens with Prayer another leads songs another shares the word of God etc. Every home is so thankful and happy that we come to share Jesus with them!

We hear testimonies every week from someone who our Father has answered a prayer! We now are sharing at 17 homes where the people are not able to come to the Refuge for church!

Thank you Jesus we give you all Glory Honor and Praise! Thank You for your Prayers! Lovingly Yours,


School for this year ends this month (end of March). Words cannot say how thankful everyone is for the love of Jesus in you to help! Because of reports we get, there is no doubt in my mind the LORD has used you to save kids’ lives!

The kids start summer vacation on the first of April and will start back in June. You should receive a thank you letter from them about the same time as this newsletter. In the event you do not receive it please email me at lolita83gh@gmail.com or call Harrell at 229-326-9239. If it goes to voice mail, PLEASE leave a message! Because of robo calls, if you do not leave message, he will ignore it. Thank you!

We ask you all to share about the school sponsorship to your friends and ask them to help. We ask you all to pray for sponsors for next year so no child has to leave and go to the city. Again Our Father loves these little children and I cannot express how truly is your Mighty Blessing to help them, one day you will be rewarded greatly! Thank you, Lolita.

We have started a new sponsorship which we call Higher Education for those who will graduate high school and desire to go to college. We have just one this year, Jackielou, who was our first child to live at Refuge House. Our Lord Jesus has already provided for her first year of college. PRAISE JESUS! We will share more about this new sponsorship later! Blessings, Lolita.


Our Father is so Faithful. As we see and hear bad things here in this earth, Let us encourage one another to stay strong in our Faith and to remember not to grow weary in doing good. Remember this earth is not our home, we will surely be rewarded by our Lord Jesus for all we have done for His Glory Honor and Praise! We Praise Jesus and Thank our Father for His Love that flows through you! We continue to mention you in our Prayers Daily! We Love You, Thank You, God Bless You!!! Hallelujah Harrell, Princess Lolita, Refuge House Team and all your Kids!!! I Leave you with a Video Below from a few years back --- A Little Humor to make you Laugh-- 1 of my Coffee Break Commercials -- Corn Harvesting After you watch it you will know why I am not in the Choir!

Click picture below


Stay Strong in the Faith! Thank You and God Bless You!!
Hallelujah Harrell, Princesa Lolita, Refuge House Team and Kids!!

Call for Prayer -- Phone # 229-326-9239


Hallelujah Harrell, Princess Lolita, Refuge House Team & KIDS!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


February 2019



The Refuge House team, along with youth, little Israel and some other younger children prepared a Christmas gift for the widows, elderly and homebound with illness, and delivered to them at their homes.

Rice, noodles, sardines, coffee, crackers and sugar were some of the things they gave. They sang Christmas Carols, and everyone was so surprised and thankful. Even though we were not in the right tune sometimes, we were blessed that our Lord Jesus allowed us to bring so much joy to them and to be able to share our Father’s Love for them. Everyone was so very thankful and happy.

As we sang, little Israel – who is 3 years old – and the other younger kids would carry the food gifts and give to them. We were all amazed at the reaction of the elders. They would get teary eyed when the kids gave them the food gifts. It was a wonderful experience for everyone!! For the elders to have visitors come sing and bring food and visit! For the little ones to feel the joy of giving in their hearts and to see how much it helps people!

To learn what Jesus meant by “It is better to give than receive” After all the singing and giving, we went back to the Refuge and shared with each other how everyone felt! Youth giving what has been given to them, to the young ones — discipleship!!!

Click picture below


More treasure in Heaven for each one of you.
Thank you and God Bless you!


We give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for the blessings, for the bicycles. We are so very thankful, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of giving bicycles to the children. We praise and thank our Father for the love of Jesus in you to send the bicycles! We are so amazed when we see the bikes. They are wonderful gifts!

The parents are very thankful and very happy because they really want a bicycle for their kids, but the money they make is needed for basic living expenses. For most of the children it's their first time to have a bicycle in their life. They are very excited to ride and very thankful. Even the little ones always says THANK YOU, THANK YOU! While trying to ride, they keep saying it many times. We always tell them you are welcome but thank the Lord and thank Him for you, in the USA whom He touched to give.

Every day after their class I see them on the street riding a bike. Even though the road is rough and very dusty they are so very happy and thankful. The parents cannot really express in words their thankfulness, and some are so overwhelmed by the blessing they are very shy. But the way they look at their kids riding the bicycles, you can see in their eyes the great gratitude and thankfulness. You can see the smiles on each of their humble faces as they encourage their kids that they can do it, keep trying, as they learn to ride.

Thank you so much for your kindness and love for giving this wonderful opportunity to the kids to have bicycles. Thank you so much and we always pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to bless you with abundant blessings.

Thank you so much for the very nice shoes! They are very happy because they have new shoes and the shoes are very nice and colorful. Everyone wears their shoes going to church and to school. They are very thankful and happy for giving them wonderful and beautiful shoes. Thank you for all the shoes! Thank You so much for bringing comfort to each of their little feet.

Everyone is so thankful and so blessed because of the toys, crayons, and stuff animals. The children enjoy playing with all the toys and also for the books. Thank You so much! They enjoyed the reading and see the different types of animals in the books. They look amazing! And, of course, thank you so much for the dresses! They are wonderful and comfortable.

Thank you so much for sharing all your blessings to the lovely children here in Palawan, Philippines. It was a blessed time and gave us the opportunity to share about the True Gift of our Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to bless all the works of your hands. All the things you've shared with the children here are so very wonderful, and we pray that the abundant rewards be to you. Thank you so much for everything! Thank you and God bless you!

It is so amazing how two stick horses and some books etc. can bring so much joy!! Stick Horse Race at the end is so funny!

Click picture below


The Farmers Association & Fisherman Association gathered together to have a Christmas & New Year Party. The President of the Farmers Association came to the Refuge House and asked for someone to share God’s Word at the meeting. He is still so thankful for the prayer for a tractor and our Father answering it!

Our Refuge House Team went to their meeting and the youth did some praise & worship and dance presentation. Then the Word of God was shared! They were encouraged to be thankful to our Lord for the harvest from the fields and the fish from the sea - to be thankful for strength and good health. To remember and acknowledge that all of these Blessings come from our Heavenly Father and to always Thank Him.

They were told that our Lord made a day of rest and that they should give back some of what our Lord had blessed them with. But Most of all they should always Worship and Obey the Owner of all things, our Father who made Heaven & Earth and have Faith in His Son Jesus Christ!



We give all Honor Praise and Glory to our Father and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. We continually give Thanks to Him for You!! We always Pray that You will receive the Fullness of all His Promises in your Life.

Stay Strong in the Faith! Thank You and God Bless You!!

Hallelujah Harrell, Princesa Lolita, Refuge House Team and Kids!!

Call for Prayer -- Phone # 229-326-9239


Hallelujah Harrell, Princess Lolita, Refuge House Team & KIDS!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


January 2019



A Pastor came to Refuge House to ask for help feeding in a tribal area with severely malnourished kids. It is the number 1 district out of 32 for malnourished kids.

They have a lady who was elected for captain in this district, and she has been praying for provisions to feed the children. She had no idea where to get food for the children in her district. She just prayed.

Two weeks after the pastor came, our Refuge House team rode two hours and then another 45 minutes by tricycle to reach the tribe. When we arrived we were amazed because we thought there would only be kids. We counted 76 kids not counting the babies, but also there were around 80 youth and adults. The pastor introduced us to them and explained to them that it was not just about the physical food. He explained the importance of while their kids were young, they needed to be motivated to hear and to be taught the word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Refuge Team shared testimonies, taught praise songs, Bible verses, and most important shared JESUS. They of course fed them the mac & cheese with all the vitamins and minerals that these malnourished children need!

Most of them spoke their tribal language but they could understand Tagalog. It was very heart touching as everyone kept coming to us, telling us thank you for coming sharing JESUS and telling us thank you for the mac & cheese.

The lady captain is crying while thanking us for visiting their tribe, thanking us for bringing food for the hungry malnourished people.

The pastor is also very thankful. We always tell them to thank our Lord Jesus and to Praise God for everyone HE has touched to give so we are able to be a vessel to share not only JESUS but also the physical food.

We will continue to help these malnourished people (Lord willing and HE said we would not lack in doing any good thing). The Pastor is also going to continue discipling there. All Glory, Honor, and Praise to our FATHER in Heaven!


(Brothers and Sisters, we praise our LORD GOD for YOU!! Because of HIS great LOVE for you HE has given lots of fruit and treasures in Heaven to your account. This is GOOD ground our LORD had you sow into - ground that brings forth an abundance for YOU!)


More Treasure in Heaven for each one of you.
Thank you and God Bless you


My name is Jackielou and I'm very thankful because I have a chance to know Jesus as my personal savior in my life. And when I received Jesus Christ in my life I am very thankful because I see works of our Heavenly Father in my family especially to my mother.

After she give birth to my older sister, after a week a big storm come and she put the baby in a big bag so she will not drown and they swam to the roof of the house because the water is almost in the roof. After that big storm, she got super stressed and that's the time that most of the time she is out of her mind - until she got me.

When I grow up all I remember is every time she is out of her mind or get crazy she always spank me without any reason, or try to stab me with knife. In other words I did not feel the love of a mother.

But since I received Jesus Christ as my savior and have the chance to stay at Refuge house, I experienced the love and care and comfort. Everyday I received the healing from sadness, pain, fear and being unloved, for everything that happened in my life. With Jesus Christ in my life I release forgiveness and everyday I believe His promises in my life, and everyday I pray for my mother.

Days, weeks, months pass by. Every time I visit in the house, I see some positive changes until the time that my mother become more friendly and she show me her love. I never stop praying and always ask our Heavenly Father His mercy and grace in my life and in my family.

Thank you so much for your prayers for me. All the glory and honor to our Heavenly Father only in Jesus name.

Thank you and God Bless you.

(We are so Thankful for all our Lord is doing with Jackielou. As most of you know our School Sponsorship was started by helping her go to school. She has been so Faithful to our LORD!

She is Refuge House Youth Leader, teaches kids, Praise & Worship Leader, Youth House Church Leader and has even completed pastoral studies. She has been an excellent student and graduates this year from high school.

Her desire & prayer is to go to college this June 2019 to become a teacher as well as continue her work for the LORD. The expenses for her first year at college are approximately between $1,300.00 to $1,500.00. This includes tuition, school projects, books, uniforms, shoes, socks, etc., food and snacks, and transportation back and forth to college from Refuge House.

She is so humble, thankful and precious!

Please be in prayer for the provision for her to continue her education.

Thank You,
Hallelujah Harrell & Princess Lolita)

The Picture below is of some of the School Sponsored Kids



Our Sunday services continue, and we are thankful for the word of encouragement from the Bible for us to continue to live our life with the grace and provision of our Heavenly Father in our life. In everyday needs our Lord Jesus Christ provides, even the strength that we need every day.

Wednesday prayer warriors: we pray without ceasing because we believe that our Heavenly Father will always work in our prayers. We always thank our Heavenly Father for all the people who are part of I Am Born Again Ministries. We are always praying for you.

Our Bible study here at Refuge House Church every Friday and Saturday, and in every house visitation and in children’s Bible study and feeding, we are thankful for the works of Holy Spirit within us as we continue to do the will of our Heavenly Father, to continue to seek first His kingdom and share with other people His great love for us.

Everyday everyone continues to pray every prayer request you send and worship the Lord. They pray and sing praises as well as they continue to memorize the Bible verses. We are thankful our kids are connected to our Heavenly Father as they continue to seek the presence of the Lord to be able to lift up prayers. Everyday, each of the kids are praying for healing, protection, provision in your life who are part of I Am Born Again Ministries, thanking our Lord Jesus Christ for your good heart!

Every day the Kids are thanking our Heavenly Father for your help, so they can go to school and finish their study and reach their goal to have a good life. Thank you so much for the opportunities that you give for the children. That is why every day in every activity here at Refuge house, everyone is giving their best in prayer and thankful heart to our LORD JESUS for each one of You.

Thank you and God Bless you.


Christmas gifts and bicycles have been given this month. What a great blessing! Great opportunity to share JESUS to whole families! We will share some videos this month. Thank you so much for your precious gifts for the kids!


Everyone at I Am Born Again Ministries prays that you and your family will have a blessed, healthy and prosperous New Year. We all are so thankful for you and love you much!

Call for Prayer -- Phone #229-326-9239


Hallelujah Harrell, Princess Lolita,
Refuge House Team & KIDS!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667-0525


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