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January 2018


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you plans to give you hope and a future. -- Jeremiah 29:11

Praise Jesus! I am so blessed and joyful to be here at the Refuge House, being with our kids, sharing Jesus at schools and home churches! The kids are so grateful and thankful for the love of Jesus in you! Praying that you have a Blessed Jesus Birthday, and 2018 will be a Blessed, Prosperous New Year!



Praise Jesus! It’s wonderful to give our thankfulness to our Lord Jesus for His mighty work through the feeding program here in Palawan, as I witness the thankful hearts of everyone.

The teachers always support us as we help their pupils, teaching the word from the Bible and feeding time. The parents are very thankful and supportive for the manna pack rice and mac and cheese that are full of vitamins for their children. The parents cannot provide the vitamins that their kids need. That is why the feeding is a great help. And the teaching from the Bible is so important for their spiritual growth.

The children do their part listening to the Bible teaching and memorizing Bible verses and avail the nutritious food to become healthy physically.


Everyone is very thankful and excited to receive their gifts! The parents are so thankful to our Lord Jesus for all the blessing that their children have experienced. Knowing that most of the parents could not afford to buy toys or dolls for their kids because their income is just enough for their everyday needs, all of the children are very thankful even in a small toy they could play with. That is why when the children receive their gifts, they are amazed and very happy, and very excited and cannot wait to play with them!


The parents, youth and children are very excited to celebrate our Jesus’ birthday at the Refuge House. Everyone brings different kinds of food to share. Every family brings a harvest from their farm like banana, cassava, sugar cane, papaya, guava, pineapple, coconut, different kinds of root crops and different kinds of fruits for their tithes and offering to the Lord.

The youth and children offer a dance presentation. Pastor Odgie shares about salvation and asks everybody to renew their relationship to Jesus. Everyone follows the simple prayer and let Jesus be always the savior in everyone’s heart. Parents bring their children to be dedicated to our Lord Jesus on that day, and we pray with the pastor and his wife to dedicate the children. After the service, Pastor Odgie offers a free wedding if somebody wants one.

I am so thankful for your life to our Lord Jesus for being part of I Am Born Again Ministries. It’s always been a great blessing especially to the poor and hungry children. While their physical needs are provided by feeding, their spirits are also is growing. As these children grow, their faith in Jesus will grow by teaching them the word from the Bible. Each of these special kids will know more about Jesus in their lives.

Today, Mother Vergie, Israel, and I went to feeding at Apoc Apoc Elementary school. I talked to the principal, and she has lots of compassion for all the children in school. As of now, they have 120 pupils, and most of the little ones – Kindergarten to First Grade – are malnourished because the source of the income of that village is very low. That is why the principals, parents and teachers are so thankful for the feeding from I Am Born Again Ministries.


Grace Ombion is 36 years old and has four children, one girl and three boys. She began a Bible study in her home and is very thankful. Since she began prayer and Bible study in her home, she experiences peace in her home, and her children no longer have to go to the hospital. Before that, her children were always sick. That is why she is very thankful for the prayer and Bible study at their house.

Romiroz is a 60-year-old woman, and one of her daughters is a youth here at Refuge House Church. She asked the group to come to their house to have Bible study and now their fishing nets are catching some fish. She is very thankful because she knows that our Heavenly Father answered her prayer.

The people that accept prayer meetings and Bible studies always say that they are very happy and thankful when the group from I Am Born Again Ministries visits them and prays for them.

I am so thankful for the goodness of our Lord Jesus. I feel grateful for the house-to-house Bible study. I see improvement in each and everyone. We had Bible study at the Refuge House as well as we had training for more ideas for how to use in our house-to-house Bible study. I’m so glad because our Heavenly Father is teaching everyone to grow deep in faith so that even a youth can share the word boldly to others. Some lead the prayer, some lead praise and worship and vice versa.

I am so thankful because the people open their doors for us, and every one of them is thankful too. Since we start prayer at their houses, they experience the goodness of our Heavenly Father and receive answers to their prayer. Others are thankful for the healing of their children. All we heard is they are happy and thankful for the activity at their houses. Some houses prepare food for us to snack on. We are happy too. But we are thankful because we had a chance to share the love of Jesus to other people and we did it heartily as to the Lord.

I am thankful to the Lord Jesus for YOU being a part of I Am Born Again Ministries. Thank you for the prayers and support!

I am thankful because of the Love of Jesus in You. Being a Partner allows us to teach more deeply kids and adults to grow and stand firm on faith in our Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.


Thank You & God Bless You for your Prayers, Encouragement and Support!
We are so very Thankful for your Love!

Harrell & Lolita

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667-0525


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