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February 2020


Thanks be to our Heavenly Father for His great provision this month! We are so thankful for the answer of our prayers -- especially for the wonderful gifts for the children. Thank you for all the toys, stuffed animals, coloring books and all the wonderful gifts that you sent for the kids. We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for your life, Thank you for your big heart for the children in Palawan Philippines!


I remember when our Thanksgiving church celebration was getting close. We had been praying for the provision so we can give something to the children. Because of your prayers, love and support, our Heavenly Father provided us wonderful and beautiful toys that the children enjoyed as they received those wonderful gifts. When the boxes were delivered, the joy and thankfulness of our heart is overflowing with thankfulness to our Lord Jesus, and we always praise our Heavenly Father for your life. Also thanking Him and asking our Lord Jesus Christ that each one of you will receive the abundant blessings, good health and bless all your income and that the peace of the Lord will continue to abide in your life and in your family every day. We also pray that you will enjoy the blessings from our Heavenly Father this year of 2020. Thank You So Much and God Bless You!


A hundred kids enjoyed and are so thankful, very happy and excited for the gifts they received. From the little ones to high school students, they all received the gifts and each one of them has a wonderful smile on their faces. Thank you for bringing the joy to their hearts through your gifts. Thank you for sharing the happiness with the children, Thank you for all of your love. A hundred kids felt the happiness that is coming out from inside and they could not hold it in. There is happiness in my heart seeing each kid how thankful and happy they are for the blessings that you all impart to them. Thank you so much for all that you do for the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father and for being part of I Am Born Again Ministries Family. In all our prayers, we ask to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that you will receive the fruit of the harvest, a good harvest and abundant treasures in Heaven for everything you do for the Kingdom of God. Thank you so much. You are all in our prayers.


When we arrived in the village, Sister Hazel with the youth invited the kids to come to Gospel outreach and feeding. Kids, parents and grandparents all came to the outreach. At the start the activity, the Refuge House Youth teach the children heavenly action songs. The kids enjoy the dancing and singing to our Lord Jesus. You could see the amazement & excitement of all the kids and also in every parent. Ezekiel, Jackielou and Bernard presented a drama about the birth of Jesus Christ, and Sister Hazel is the narrator. While the drama is being presented, everyone is enjoying and paying attention. After the drama, Sister Hazel taught about the true gift, which is our Lord Jesus Christ, and let everyone receive Jesus as their personal Savior in their lives. 75 kids and 64 parents received Jesus Christ in their hearts as Lord and personal Savior. Thank you, Jesus! We give you all the Praise! After the sharing of the Gospel, we took out the boxes of gifts from the white Kia truck and started giving gifts. While we gave, everyone was very excited to open their bags. The kids opened their bags, and everyone was very happy in what they received. We started serving the food but only a few got in line - around 40. I was shocked because only few kids and parents were left in the area. I asked everyone where are the kids, and they answered me that those kids were so very excited to go home to show to their parents what they received. We then realized that most of these kids had never, ever received a gift before of any kind. They were so excited, most of them had left their bowls because they were so excited to go show their gift. It was lunch time when we got there, and they had not eaten and were hungry. But they were so amazed and excited at receiving a gift they forgot they were hungry! We knew that eventually they would remember their bowls so we left the food for them to eat. We are very blessed and thankful for all of you for giving us opportunity to experience and to be a blessing to these kids and parents. We are so blessed to hear the parents saying thank you with happiness and excitement in their eyes. Thank you for being a part of I Am Born Again Ministries Family! Thank you for your continued prayers and support.
Blessings Teresa


Please be in prayer for 4 mountain motorcycle tires and a chain & sprocket (approx $380.00). We also lost some plywood on back of upstairs dormitory in a storm, not sure about cost yet.

Through your prayers and support, many parents and children will experience the love and blessings from our Heavenly Father, and many people will praise Him for He is good.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless your heart and His abundant joy & peace overflow in your heart every day in 2020!

Thank you and God bless you!
We love you much,
Harrell, Lolita, Refuge House Team and Kids

Contact us and call for prayer at — lolita83gh@gmail.com or 229-326-9239

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January 2020


This last year 2019 our Father God has shown us how much He loves us in so many ways. He has poured out His great blessings on us day by day. He has given us healing in times of sickness. He has given us hope when we were hopeless. Every day our Heavenly Father gives us the opportunity to continue to thank Him, praise Him and trust Him.

2019 has ended but all those victorious days that we had in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to give us strength and hope in this New Year 2020. All of the victories give us the reason to be joyful, thankful and to continue to share the love of Jesus to everyone in 2020. The year 2020 is here and our Heavenly Father has prepared us so we can stand in His presence. He has prepared us so we can do what is needed to be done, to reach more souls, feed more hungry children. He has prepared us so we can teach the love of God and how merciful our Lord Jesus Christ is.

We are so thankful to our Father in Heaven and praise Jesus that you are a part of the family here at the Refuge House.


Refuge House Church celebrated their Thanksgiving, Homecoming, Christmas service on December 22. This was our 10th year Thanksgiving celebration. It seems like it was only yesterday, that the Lord directed us to this place, in English the Hidden Sea, where there was no church, no electricity, and no running water. Our Lord has done great and mighty things in the last 10 years. We celebrate with praise and thanksgiving at His great faithfulness. We hope to have some video to share sometime this month, Lord willing.


Christmas presents were given out during the Thanksgiving celebration and the children were taught at that time, as we always do, that Jesus is the real Gift from our Father in Heaven. A son is given, Emmanuel, God is with us -- the Promise of the Father to send a Savior.

The children at the Refuge House were so blessed and so thankful for the presents that you sent. It is such a blessing to see children receive a gift and see the excitement and joy in their faces. Thank you and God bless you!

Our Refuge House Team also took Christmas gifts to other outreach areas to give to children who most have not ever received a gift in their life. These places are especially wonderful as you explain the reason for the season, Jesus Christ, and to explain how the love of Jesus works through people to show his love by you sending a gift to them. Not only the kids, but the parents also are touched by the love of Jesus that works through you. Again thank you and God bless you.


Some of the kids took part in going house to house Christmas caroling. Of course the kids had a wonderful time, great time, exciting time, but the elderly that they went to see were blessed the most and were so thankful.


This month we did our outreach in a small village approximately 15 km from the highway. It was right where the mountains start. The people in the village were not tribal but people from different islands that had started a small village. The village leader gave permission for the Refuge House Team to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

As our Refuge Team started preparing to share and cooking the food, approximately 60 kids, 30 adults and 15 youth came. The people in this village are very poor. They make charcoal and sell to supply their basic needs.

Our Refuge Team shared the good news of Jesus Christ and taught the children Bible verses and praise songs. After sharing and teaching, we fed them with delicious macaroni and cheese with vitamins and minerals. Our Refuge Team also gave one kg of rice to each family and gave clothes to them. Our Refuge Team was very blessed by the hunger for the Word of God by the people in this small village. Everyone - adults, youth and kids - expressed how very grateful and thankful they were, that we came to their small village.

After the outreach, a woman came to Teresa and said her husband was a pastor and that they just moved in that village about two weeks ago. She was so very thankful to Jesus Christ for what we did in that area. We are very thankful to Jesus Christ for opening the window of salvation and blessings in that village.


We also experience this month heavy rain, so much wind, and big waves. Because of the waves, the fence on the sea front of the Refuge House was washed away, but thank you Jesus we are all safe and okay. This month because of the big wind and waves, the fishermen with small boats can't go fishing. Hazel visited the fishermen families and prayed with them and asked our Heavenly Father for His blessings and some other job so they can continue to provide the needs for the family.


The tires on our mountain bikes are in need of replacing. It will take approximately $200.00 to replace all the tires, please be in prayer for the provisions for this. At this time we have no estimate to replace the fence in the front of the Refuge House.


In our budget for 2020, we included $10,000 that we are praying for to add to what we have already to purchase land to grow crops and raise livestock for the Refuge House. Please be in prayer for this provision.

We are so Thankful for your prayers, Encouragement and Giving! We praise our Lord Jesus every day for You! Thanking HIM for putting HIS Love in you! Thank you and God bless you for all that you do!

As we continue in this new year 2020, we are so very thankful for you and all of our family who are a part of our Lord’s work at the Refuge House. We continue to always praise Jesus and thank our Father in Heaven for you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your loving family. We are so blessed by the love of Jesus that flows through you.

Your Family in Palawan Philippines sends their love, blessings and thanks to You and so do myself and Lolita! We continually praise our Father in Heaven for you, and thank Him for the love of Jesus in you.
Thank you and God bless you!
We love you much,
Harrell, Lolita, Refuge House Team and Kids

Have a Blessed & Prosperous 2020

Contact us at — lolita83gh@gmail.com or 229-326-9239

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


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