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December 2020



Wow, it’s December already!! All of the I Am Born Again Ministries Family want to say — Have a Blessed Jesus Birthday & a Blessed, Prosperous & Healthy New Year!!

We all praise Jesus & thank our Loving Father for your love, your encouragement, your faithful prayers and your love gifts through this past year.


Again we have had to adjust our worship services and ministry outreach and feedings. The government has placed in each barrio a Covid police person to monitor gatherings, wearing masks and to enforce them. Anyone found in violation of these orders are subject to penalties and/or jail.

Because of this, we have lots of small feeding ministries and are very careful to keep social distance and wear a mask. (We still will not at this time send videos but will send some throw back videos from years past.)


The good thing is that the youth had already started approximately 15 small home churches. Because of this, it has been easier to have church services in different areas of the barrio with small groups instead of one large group on Sundays at the Refuge House.


There have been several strong typhoons to hit the Philippines with lots of damage and flooding. We thank our Lord Jesus for protecting everyone at the Refuge House. We had only slight wind damage and flooding. The brunt of the storms was north of us. Please pray for the other parts of the Philippines who had terrible devastation from the storms.


Sister Hazel has now started assigning youth to bring a short message in the churches before the regular message. They continue to learn and grow as they are being discipled to share the word of God. All of them do something during the service as they are taught to be servants. Some are greeters, some usher, some in the praise team, offertory prayer, lead service declaration, etc.


We have postponed our yearly Thanksgiving Service due to not being able to have large crowds at this time.


Teresa and everyone were so thankful for the printer and paper that was given. It is a tremendous financial blessing for these poor people so the kids can finish their school assignments. Thank you!!


Gift giving this year, as you can imagine, will have to be different. We are discussing ways to do this safely. It looks like the gift giving will be spread out over a month or so. Please pray for wisdom.


Please be in prayer for the provisions for a new Honda motorcycle. It costs $1448.00. We have already received $1000.00 to purchase it and only need $448.00. Also we need to buy four new tires for the Kia truck. That will cost $262.00. Thank you for your prayers!!


Beloved brothers & sisters: it has been, to put it bluntly, one crazy year! But even in all this craziness, the Lord our God, our Loving Father still holds us in the palm of HIS hand and has a wonderful perfect plan for our life -- plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future.

All HIS promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus. And the return of our Precious, Wonderful, Loving, Beautiful, Faithful Lord Jesus is closer now than ever before. Beloved, we are closer than ever to entering into our inheritance in Heaven and the rewards that we have stored up from feeding and helping these precious children in the Philippines.

PRAISE JESUS! Our Thanksgiving -- Homecoming Service has been postponed so we will show you a Throwback Year End Video. It is still good for today! Hallelujah! Thank you!!

Click on the image to see the video:

Thank you & God bless you for being part of the family! Board of Directors, Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Hazel, Refuge House Team & Kids

Have a Blessed Jesus Birthday & Blessed New Year!!!

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Micanopy, FL 32667


November 2020




We are so thankful for all of your prayers! This week the Barangy Council with the captain gave 20 kilos of rice to every family. Everyone is very happy and thankful for the blessings this week. We here at Refuge House are very thankful for your prayers for this area. Because of your prayers, our Heavenly Father supplies the needs of the families in this Barangy.

We here at the Refuge House continue to clean and take good care of the area. Everything here at Refuge House is fine and peaceful. Even the neighborhoods are peaceful.

Everyone is working to help supply food in our Barangy. Elementary and high school kids in their spare time from school do what they can also.

Getting fish in the sea, some go dig small clam shells. Some kids are selling fish, and some kids are planting corn to earn money. Some girls go to their neighbors and wash clothes by hand, and they are paid for washing. Some go get the worm from the Mangrove tree. Others try to trap birds or other animals to eat. We thank Our Lord God for provisions.

We had a kids fellowship this month just before school started. We gathered 50 plus kids from around the Barangy. We wanted to help them stay refreshed in their relationship with our Lord Jesus. We taught them some scriptures and encouraged them. Sister Hazel shared some messages from God’s Word. They practiced some praise dances and had Bible learning activities.

We shared with them the importance to continue to grow in the Word of God through prayers, worship, and to come to listen to the Word of God.

Bernard, one of the youth, had prepared Christian games for them to play afterwards with the help of Hazel. The children enjoyed all the activities and the games. Sister Hazel shared the teachings and lessons of Jesus during the games they learned to play. I prepared food for them all, and after the activities everyone ate and had free time.


As you know, this is a very hard time for schooling. The students are picking up their schoolwork each week and doing it at home. The problem is most of the parents have only gone through sixth grade. Some did not even finish that.

The students cannot talk to the teachers except by cell phone. It is very hard to find signal for the cell phones and impossible in the mountains.

The cost for load for the cell phones is more than most can afford to pay. So Teresa, Refuge House Team, and all of our youth are now helping the younger kids with schooling. As I mentioned in an earlier email, they have to print their assignments for each week.

Again the cost of this is more than they can afford. The cost of printing paper and ink continues to get more expensive due to the lack of supply. The cost of one ream of paper (500 sheets) is around $6.50 at this time - plus having to try to get to town to print.

Printing costs have gone up - plus you must supply your own paper. We are buying a printer for $260.00, and if you want to help with this and paper, it will be a Blessing! Thank You!

One bright side of this is, because they do school work at home, they can continue schooling even though they have to help find food for the family. Again everyone is helping with that. Please keep praying. We continue having church and feeding outreaches in the Barangy.

We praise Jesus and thank our loving Heavenly Father for His mercy, His love and His faithfulness!! We thank Him for you!!

Thank You & God Bless You!!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team & Kids


Praise Jesus! I was just informed that some travel restrictions have been lifted to some degree in the island.

PRAISE JESUS! Because we cannot show videos right now because of COVID restrictions, we will show some throwbacks from past years!! This is with Brother Len and Ben heading into mountains to Share JESUS!! Great memories!! Enjoy!!


Outreach Hike
Hiking to Outreach

Thank You & God Bless You for your Prayers, Encouragement and Support!
We are so very Thankful for your Love!
Blessings Harrell & Lolita

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Micanopy, FL 32667


October 2020



Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! This week we experienced heavy rain because of Typhoon Leon here in the Philippines. Some areas experienced flooding, but here at Refuge House we were safe.

Thanks to our Heavenly Father this month for His mighty works in each life to those who continue to look for His presence in the midst of this pandemic. We continue to do His will through sharing the Word and the love of Jesus Christ in us to others, in whatever way we can in this time of pandemic.

We are reminded by the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ that we glorify the Father in Heaven. Every time we give, the Father will be glorified and the joy in our heart is overflowing. Every time we give, it gives us the wonderful, peaceful, great joy that we could not get in this world. The Word of our Heavenly Father shows us so many ways to give. That is why it's very important to study the Word of the Lord. It helps us to survive, to have love, peace, joy, happiness and satisfaction even facing the situations that are right now in the whole world.


This month our everyday activity continues. We have great Sundays. Every Sunday after church the kids ask for mac & cheese to take home because they don't have food at their house.

The feedings continue every Saturday after Bible Study and Sunday after church. Monday we have house-to-house visitation with the youth.

Sister Hazel continues doing her teaching and continues to build relationships with the youth. Every Saturday she has a good time teaching and mentoring the youth.

I also continue ministering to the kids, helping them know more about our Lord Jesus Christ and how the Holy Spirit works in everyone. We teach them how to pray and to study the Word of God and do our Bible journal every day to help them grow in the ways of the Lord.

I am always asking our Heavenly Father to show His love and help the needs of these wonderful children. We believe that our Heavenly Father will always do amazing things for His children and for everyone who comes to Him and chooses to trust and abide in His Word.

Every morning here at Refuge House we continue our prayer and to study the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ in the morning. We continue praying for everyone and every situation as well as praying that our Heavenly Father will answer all the desires of your hearts. We're always praying for you and asking God for abundant blessings in your life, Thank you for your prayers and for your generosity. Thank you and God bless you.

We continue to do house-to-house visitations together with the youth and give mac & cheese to the elders and take time to talk to them and remind everyone of the love of our Heavenly Father.

It's been six months since we were under quarantine, and parents earn very little money to provide the needs of the family, because of the curfew and social distancing. Everyone is hoping and praying that this pandemic will end soon. That is why we encourage everyone to not lose hope and continue to pray, trust and ask our Lord Jesus Christ for help and blessings.

As we visit everyone, we hear them sharing their problems. We can see their faces that they have been struggling because of the situation, but after sharing with them what our Lord Jesus Christ can do in every situation, they feel free and encouraged by the Word of God.

Through the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ, people are healed, have joy and freed from every burden. Thanks to our Heavenly Father for showing us His great help every day. Thank you for your prayers for us here.

Last week we repainted the grills here at Refuge House and all the posts that have steel bars on it. We clean the steel bars using steel brushes. I buy a few of them and use them to get all the rust. After cleaning, we paint it. Everything is looking good and no rust.


We pray that our Heavenly Father will continue giving the families some work so they can continue to provide their family needs. The children start their modular class this October 5.


I have been asked how someone can give online. If you receive the email newsletter, there is a donate button for PayPal you can use. Or you can go to the website - iambornagainministries.com, and there is a donate button there.

Thank You and God Bless You!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa & Refuge House Team and Kids


Praise Jesus! We have almost 3/4th of the total for Higher Education -- Shoney & JackieLou for their second year of college. They have already started classes. Thank you!!

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Micanopy, FL 32667


September 2020



At the Refuge House, elementary and high school will start October 5. Normally they start in June. They have adjusted the schooling to protect the children. Children will not go to the school. They will do modular classes. Each week the parent or guardian will pick up the assignments for that week. They will turn it in at the end of week and get the next week’s assignments. This is as of today depending on any new changes. Hopefully they will start small in school classes soon.


Shoney and Jackielou have been told classes will start September first. Shoney’s total cost for Nursing School this year is $6,000.00. Jackielou’s total cost for Business Restaurant Management this year is $4,350.00. We have already received almost half of the total amount for both of them this year. They have already paid their down payment to enroll. Please be in prayer for the total amount for them. Thank you.


Christmas gifts have arrived! Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! This month we have received all the boxes. As we check the boxes, we’re so amazed for all the wonderful toys for boys and girls: clothes and shoes for boys and girls and for little kids, swimming stuff, flip plops, coloring books, story books, and lots of bathrobes, nice hats for girls, hats for boys and more. We are very excited to share this with the kids this December for their gifts. Thank you so much for your generous heart for sharing this wonderful stuff for the children here.


We have Youth Fellowship overnight prayer starting at 7 in the evening until 1 in the morning with the theme of “Pray Without Ceasing.”

As the activity starts, we are thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit working on everyone. Everyone who attends is sharing how blessed and thankful they are because they decide to attend and experience the overnight prayer. They thought they would not finish the activity because at their house every one of them goes to sleep very early; like 7 or 8 in the evening they are already asleep. That's why everyone shares in their testimony the excitement of how our Lord revealed His word to everyone.

Hazel shared the word from 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 the encouragement about praying continually and thanking our Heavenly Father for everything.

In break time, I serve coffee and bread. After the break, we continue our prayer. And after all the prayers, at the end of the activity, Hazel has prepared Bible games.

Everyone experiences the works of the Holy Spirit and the Revelation of the word from the Bible and pray all the prayer concerns. Everyone feels the goodness of the Lord Jesus and freedom from the heaviness in each heart, and feels the happiness and peace in every heart.


The teacher in charge (principal) of the elementary school invited me, Hazel and the Refuge House youth to help clean around the school with other parents before school starts.

Every year the schools do that activity so that when school starts the surroundings are clean already and the kids have a good surroundings while they are in the school.

On the first day of cleaning, we went in the school with the youth. The teacher in charge, together with all the teachers in elementary school were very thankful for our presence and our help to clean on that day. The youth were very happy and thankful for that opportunity because through that little help we could share the love of Jesus Christ to everyone in a very simple way.

Thank you & God bless you for being a part of
I Am Born Again Ministries Family,
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team & Kids

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


August 2020



We were blessed to be able to purchase 30 — 100 Kilo sacks of rice and to distribute to over 300 very hungry families.

We praise Jesus for your life for sharing your love and blessings to these wonderful families. As we start giving the rice to every family, we witness the joy and thankfulness of everyone to our Lord and for your life. We are thankful you are being so generous especially in this time of pandemic.

Everyone is amazed and some also telling us that it's a perfect time because they don't have any rice to cook for that day. Every time we give the rice most of them could not express their thankfulness, but give us a sweet smile and said the thank you word in many times. (Salamat in Tagalong) The rice is given to 300 families that include elders and single parents.

We give the rice for three half days. It was so hot and we feel thirsty dryness in our throats, but it did not matter. We did not feel the thirsty and dry throat because we only felt the happiness in our heart and the excitement to give and see and hear how thankful the individual while receiving the rice. At the end of each day of giving rice, we felt so light and overflowing of happiness in our hearts for having the experience to see the individual how thankful they are to the Lord, and to I Am Born Again Ministry and for your life for them to receive the blessing of rice.


As of now no one is able to leave their Barangy. To leave the Barangy you must go to the government office and get a travel permit and health certificate, and you must have a valid reason. There is a curfew from 9pm until 5am in the Barangy of the Refuge House. Anyone below 21 or above 59 is not allowed to go anywhere. You must wear a mask if you go to buy food and if not, you will have to do community service cleaning the highway for three hours that day.


Because the rules are changing constantly, we keep adapting new techniques to continue to feed the malnourished children. As of writing this newsletter, we are doing feedings in many areas throughout the Barangy. This allows us to have fewer children at each different feeding area. It also keeps kids that are with each other every day isolated from other kids they are not around daily. We are so thankful to continue to share the Word of God, feeding them spiritually, and then also feeding them physically. We praise you, Jesus — all glory to God our Father.


We were blessed this month to work with other brothers and sisters to distribute over 25,000 pounds of food in Hazlehurst. Many are working together to feed the hungry:


I am asking our Father for a Reefer Truck to haul food to give here in USA. I know if it is His will He will provide the perfect truck in excellent condition and just the right length. I leave it in His Hands; for our Father knows what we have need of!!


Shonney is doing her Nursing course online for her three units in July. Her second year of Nursing School will start in August.

Jackie Lou is starting her second year and is also supposed to start in August. As of writing this Newsletter, the Business & Management School still has not a set date or total cost for her. We will update ASAP on her starting and cost.


They also have not set a date for return as of now. Again we will update ASAP.


Everyone is rejoicing for the rain. Everyone is planting vegetables, even at the Refuge House hoping the sea air won’t burn it. Everyone is working, even the children. If the children are not planting, they are going with the fishermen to fish. Some are making charcoal, or gathering wood to sale, or whatever they can do to help to supply their daily needs.


Not only do I praise Jesus and thank our Father for YOU, but tears come to my eyes as I read what Teresa said about how hot and thirsty they were. It is not easy to get to the places they took the rice — I know!! I am so thankful they continue to do our Lord’s work in hard conditions. The ones our Father drew to Himself and are part of our Refuge House Team continue to tell others, in word and action, about the love of our Father in Jesus Christ!! Not just Hearers but Doers!!

Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team and Kids

Thank you for your Support and Prayers for this and all you do to build our Father’s Kingdom and to share the love of Jesus!!!

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


July 2020


Please Forgive Me -- When I mailed the written newsletter I put June instead of July. Sorry!


Praise our Lord Jesus -- It has been three months in this world dealing with this pandemic, COVID-19. People have lost jobs, children are more hungry, and families cannot provide their everyday needs. The total of affected of the said virus is getting higher every day. As of this time, people are afraid and full of confusion, because they don't know who, and the exact place and time that the virus will attack a human being.

Here at Refuge House Barangy, the curfew is still going on every 8pm until 5am. The tricycle must carry one passenger only, and wearing a face mask is a must. Social distancing is still implemented in every area. People 21 years old and below and 60 years and above are not allowed to go out. Social distancing and 50 percent capacity is required in church gatherings.

Every 6pm all the stores are closed already. As of now the prices of food are getting higher and only few food items left in every grocery store. And still there are army soldiers everywhere, checking and observing to make everyone observe and follow the rules while we are dealing with this pandemic.

But we always praise Jesus for His safety, healthy body and for all the blessings this month. We are thankful for all of your prayers. Every day we always pray for all of you that our Heavenly Father will embrace each one of you and that you will experience His mighty power protecting each one of you every day and bless the works of your hands for His Kingdom.

Our church activity continues. We have our Sunday service and a wonderful message that always gives new strength and hope every day, in every prayer warrior every Wednesday, prayer meeting and Bible study every Friday. We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for His presence. We believe in faith that in every prayer our Heavenly Father is working mightily. We continue to reach the hungry children through feeding and Bible study.

As of this month the leader of our barangy called a meeting and they give great thankfulness personally to us at I Am Born Again Ministries for the feeding. It is a great help for the community especially for the children. Everyone in the barangy is thankful to our Lord for the ministry for giving the children the nutritious food that helps a lot to have a strong immune system.

As of now the barangy has no more funds to be able to help feed the community because they already used it in two months lock down. As of now that is the problem because of lack of food the children might experience to be malnourished and prone to sickness. That is why everyone is very thankful to our Lord for the opportunities that this community has feeding through I Am Born Again Ministries.

The captain reminded us to observe always the social distancing. At this time there are people who are isolated, quarantined for 15 days in one of the buildings here in barangy hall. People who have returned from working overseas and others who are from Manila that live here in our barangy are quarantined in the barangy building for 15 days for the safety of the community.

We are feeding in five areas in our barangy so we can observe the social distancing and reach the kids in the community. We continually remind the children that their Jesus always loves them so much and will protect them every day. We let them say a thankful prayer to our Heavenly Father for all the blessings and thankful also for all of you supporting the feeding and for all your prayers.

The kids are very thankful for the food and excited for the feeding. Even when raining it didn't matter. As long as they can come and have something to eat to fill their hungry stomach. Thank you so much for being so kind. We are always praying to our Heavenly Father to bless you in so many ways.

Thank you and God bless you.


As of now we are still not sure when elementary & high school will open.

Shonney will have a summer class in her Nursing school in July. It is three units and costs $300. She starts her second year in Nursing School in August, and the total cost will be $6000 for the whole year.

Jackielou is still waiting to hear when they will start her second year in Restaurant Business Management and how much the total cost will be.

Thank you for your support and prayers for this and all you do to build our Father’s Kingdom and to share the love of Jesus!!!

Harrell, Lolita , Refuge House Team and Kids

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


June 2020


Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we pray everyone is safe and well. We continue to pray for the protection of Psalms 91 and the provisions of Psalms 41:1, 2 & 3 for you!


The first week of June is usually when the elementary and high school kids return to school, but because of the lockdown they will not start this month. As of right now, we understand that school will start on August 24. Now we do not know if this will change one way or the other. We will update as we receive word.

Our two college students are still taking classes but are doing it online. Both of them have done very well in their first year of college.

Shonney’s second year of Nursing College will have two semesters. Each semester will cost approximately $3,000 and will cover all expenses. So the total for her second year of Nursing will be approximately $6,000.

Shonney in her Nursing Uniform

Jackielou’s second year of Hotel & Restaurant Business Management will also be two semesters. Each semester will cost approximately $2,150 and also will cover all expenses. So the total for her second year of Hotel & Restaurant Business Management will cost approximately $4,300.

Jackielou1 Jackielou2
Jackielou in her Hotel, Restaurant Business Management Uniform
Jackielou in her Chef Cooking Uniform

They are both in a private university and should start sooner than August. We will update as they are informed on when they will start. Please pray with us for the provision for these two to continue in their second year of college. Thank you.


Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for this month. We are thankful for His goodness, love and protection. As of now we're still under general community quarantine. We still have curfew hour, and only one person per family can have a quarantine pass to go out to buy the daily needs.

It's been many long days and counting on the quarantine. The social distancing is a must and no gathering yet. But this month we decided to have our prayer meetings and Bible study in every small group home, so everyone could continue to worship the Lord Jesus Christ every week. Parents with youth and kids, like 7 to 10 people, were in every home and doing praise and worship. Pastora Hazel shared the word of God in every home area, and everyone shared how our Heavenly Father worked in their hearts while experiencing this quarantine.

Each one shares how they spend their time with their family. While staying home they use their time to continue to spend quality time with the Lord through reading the Bible, memorizing Bible verses and praying.

We are thankful in the Lord for His safety as the world is experiencing this pandemic. People are hungry, people stop their jobs, and everyone is going to do whatever we had to do to survive. We praise Jesus because little by little it's going to be normal days. This month we start feeding mac & cheese to the children in our barangy.

Our barangy council, or what we call here kagawad, said they allow us to feed our kids in that bario, or village, because the children are so very hungry and that by feeding each one, they can get strong immune systems because of the vitamins from mac & cheese. So they allow us as long as we do social distancing and it's only in the barrio. We are not allowed to go to other places to feed due to no gathering regulations. The council is very thankful for the help through the feeding of mac & cheese especially this time that we are still under general community quarantine and most of the parents have no job and no income.

We are very thankful to our Lord Jesus because He always guides us, and gives us hope, and continues to do His will for His kingdom reaching the kids in our barangy area around Refuge House. We are able to continue to teach the kids and remind their very young minds that there is Jesus who can help us and protect us and our family from this pandemic. We continue extending our prayers for you every day that our Heavenly Father will continue to reach out His great hands to provide for your daily needs, to give you hope, strength and especially the blood covering of Jesus in your life and family. Thank you so much for your love, prayer, and support.

Thank You and God Bless You.


Beloved Refuge House Family, from the depth of my heart, I praise our Father in Heaven for you and thank Him for you. I do not know if you understand how great a blessing you are to the precious children. Reading Teresa’s emails and talking on the phone to them, the feeding of mac & cheese with vitamins has been lifesaving.

Oh God Bless You!!!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House team & Kids

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


May 2020


Beloved Brothers and Sisters, to start this newsletter, I pray the protection of Psalms 91 and the promise of Psalms 41: 1, 2, and 3 over your life and in the life of your family.

This is the email I received from Teresa at the Refuge House. Please read I will say something at the end. Harrell


Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for this month, even though we experienced the lockdown because our world has this Covid-19. People stay in the house with no work, and the government gives a few kilos of rice, noodles, and canned goods that are good for one to two days only. People start to feel hungry, and children are crying because they want to eat. Everyone is looking everywhere to get vegetables so they can eat. People that have a farm of vegetables give them for free because everyone has no money to buy.

Day by day, in this quarantine time we pray to God for his guidance. We feel in our hearts to give some mac and cheese in every household so everyone that doesn't have rice to eat has something to cook for their children. We give five packs each to every family, a total of 540 packs given on that day. That is 108 households with the total number of 508 adults and kids. We give thanks to the Lord for the blessings of mac and cheese, as in this situation, everyone is hungry. As everyone receives mac & cheese, all have a big smile on their faces and thankfulness in everyone’s heart.

We are praying that our heavenly Father will pour out His blessings to each one of you who are a part of I Am Born Again Ministries Family. And our Heavenly Father will always protect you from this situation that we face this month and give you good health.

As the lockdown is ongoing, we have prayer and fasting for two weeks, reading and studying the word from the Bible since we are not allowed to have any gathering. We have communication through our cellphones, and agree together to do the praying and fasting in every church member’s houses. After fasting we chat and text the word of encouragement on that day and share what our heavenly Father revealed in His word. We are thankful because everyone cooperates. Then some kids did not do fasting but they read Bible and pray together.

Our heavenly Father teaches us His word and gives us strength and we pray for every concern and prayer request and for you, also for what our Lord revealed to us to pray, especially for our nation in every leader that our heavenly Father will give healing to our nation. The last day of fasting was Sunday, Sunrise service. Many People came from many different churches to the beach in front of Refuge House and held Sunrise Service. After Service Pastora Hazel with the youth at Refuge House visit everyone who do the fasting and prayer, and have a prayer gathering inside their houses.

In one area, there is a sick boy about 8 years old, very skinny because of his sickness. They forgot to ask what kind of sickness, but he is having a hard time and cannot walk. The mother is very happy because we give her mac and cheese because the boy can eat without throwing up the food. That day they pray for that kid, and the mother is very thankful for the prayer for him.

Even though lockdown and quarantine are going on, the activity at Refuge house continues. Everyone in the church at Refuge House applies the social distancing and continues for prayer and Bible study, for prayer meeting and early in the morning for kneeling down, prayer warrior and church service.

We are thankful to the Lord for the good health and protection. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. As of now the quarantine is extended until April 30, 2020, along with the curfew.

The government gives one quarantine pass to every household to go outside to buy food, but still no busses, jeepneys or any transportation to go to the market. Most of the people need to walk to buy food, but most have no money. But we continue to pray for God's provision, good health and healing in our nation. (NOTE: it is about 25 Kilometers to market.)


In Matthew, Chapter 5. NLT Jesus said 14 You are the light of the world like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. 15 No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your Heavenly Father.

There is a group of people here in the USA that is working tirelessly to get food to hungry people. I know they want NO Praise for themselves, but when I read this Scripture I PRAISE my Heavenly Father for Mrs. Marcia and the Bread of Mighty Food Bank. We usually never talk about the ministry that goes on here in the USA but only at the Refuge House. We were blessed with 8700 + pounds of produce to give hungry people here with the help of Brother Ashley (Chaplin of Sheriff’s Dept. and preacher) and Brother David Miller who has as big a heart to feed hungry people as Mrs. Marcia. People from miles around came and drove through and were given food.

As I read this from Teresa having lived there, I just cried and cried KNOWING how hard it is for people there.

Brothers & Sisters as hard as it is here BE THANKFUL!

This is from last month newsletter- worth repeating:

Brothers and Sisters, stay close to the Lord. All of our lives have been changed the last few weeks. But some things never change. One of those things is God's word. It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Heaven and earth will pass away, but God's word will remain forever. There is no storm that our Father cannot calm. We ask our Father to be merciful and calm the storm of Covid 19 in Jesus Name. We say Peace — be still, in Jesus name!

We Love you and are praying!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team & Kids

We Continually Praise Jesus for You and Pray our Lord’s Great Blessings for You!! Thank You for being a part of the Refuge House Family!

Stay Strong in the Faith! Thank You and God Bless you for your prayers, encouragement and support! We are so very thankful for your love!!!

Call for Prayer -- Phone # (229)326-9239

Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team & Kids

PO BOX 525
Micanopy, FL 32667


April 2020


Beloved Brothers and Sisters, to start this newsletter, I pray the protection of Psalm 91 and the promise of Psalm 41: 1, 2, 3 over your life and in the life of your family. I want to encourage you today that our Father is still in control. He is still merciful, loving, and compassionate. And He loves you with unfailing love. All of the Refuge House Family are praying for you!

The Philippines are now in a lockdown mode. Everyone is told to stay home except to go to market to get food, to doctors or hospitals, or to pharmacies. There is a curfew from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m. at the Refuge House. Different cities have different curfew times. No one is allowed to travel except for what is mentioned above. All schools and businesses are closed except food markets, hospitals, and pharmacies. This is in effect until April 15 at this time.


The week before the lockdown we had an outreach. The Barangy health workers came and helped with the feeding. One of our teenage young men in the Refuge House, Bernard, shared the good news of Jesus Christ to the youth and kids. There were also quite a few adults. After the singing and the message, we fed all the children and youth that were there.

After the outreach, we had a long discussion with the healthcare workers and Barangy leaders about how to continue the feeding during the coming lockdown. With the schools closing, there would be no way to do feedings and abide by the government’s guidelines. Food has been delivered to the many different churches that the Lord has us help for feeding. Please pray!


Everyone at the Refuge House is OK and doing well. Because of the lockdown, they are spending a lot of time praying for you and for the Lord God Almighty to have mercy and stop this virus. They are still having their regular services - church, Bible study, prayer meetings, etc. The only difference is that only everyone in the Refuge attends. Everyone else has it at their homes. 


All the children did really well this year in school. They will all pass to the next grade. Because of the lockdown they were not able to take their final exams. Even though they could not take the exams they have enough points to pass. On April 15, if the lockdown is lifted they will return to school to finish their final exams.

Hopefully this month all sponsors have received a letter from their prayer partner. Also please be in prayer for school sponsors for next year as we have new kids starting school. Please ask your friends to be a part of this. Thank you.


Praise Jesus, we were blessed this last month with a lots of brand new clothes and shoes and also a few toys to ship to the Refuge House. It will cost approximately $1,120.00 to ship 16 boxes of these clothes. As I mentioned, all the clothes and shoes are brand new. What a great blessing! Please be in prayer for the finances to ship these boxes. Thank you and God bless you!


One of our Refuge House Family in the US graduated and went home to be with Jesus - Mrs. Ellen Rist, a wonderful woman of the Lord who taught school for many years. She used to pick me up and give me a ride to school. She will be missed here in this earth, but we rejoice that she has entered into her inheritance in heaven with Jesus. Please be in prayer for her precious children, Robin, Jay and Holly, and their families during this time.

Also please pray for our Dear Sister and board member Cathy Helton and family, as Cathy's father has also graduated and entered into his inheritance with Jesus. Our Sweet Cathy is such a mighty blessing to the Body of Christ. We thank the Lord Jesus for her and her family.


Brothers and Sisters, stay close to the Lord. All of our lives have been changed the last few weeks. But some things never change. One of those things is God's word. It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Heaven and earth will pass away, but God's word will remain forever. There is no storm that our Father cannot calm. We ask our Father to be merciful and calm the storm of Covid 19 in Jesus Name. We say Peace — be still, in Jesus name!

Thank You for being a part of the Refuge House Family! We Continually Praise Jesus for You and Pray our Lords Great Blessings for You!! We love you and are praying!

Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team & Kids

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Micanopy, FL 32667


March 2020



Members of Jesus Our Lord Church contacted the Refuge House to ask permission for an Encounter God retreat on the property. We were a little hesitant because of the fence being destroyed by the storm in the front of the Refuge House by the sea.

Several of the leaders of the church came and talked to Teresa and explained to her that they had looked at three other places to have the Encounter God retreat and they felt none were safe. They told her at the other places, there were many people who got drunk at night. They were afraid when they did Praise and Worship at night, that these people may throw stones at them. (Unfortunately we know that this can happen.) They assured Teresa they would make sure no one would get hurt where the fence is down.

Many of the Jesus our Lord Churches and other churches have over the years had their Encounter God weekends at the Refuge House. They have always been powerful times in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. Their hearts were overflowing with thankfulness with being able to return to the Refuge House where the wonderful, peaceful, presence of the Lord is so amazing.

On this Encounter God retreat, there were 67 who were seeking the Lord. Some were parents, some college students and a few high school students. There were also 15 workers and leaders to share Jesus with them. After being nurtured in the Word of God, hearing testimonies, praising and worshiping Jesus, all of the 67 found hope in Jesus and decided to follow Jesus!! Teresa said they were very thankful and so happy and blessed to be able to be at the Refuge House, and she was so thankful they took good care of the new believers while there.

One of our sponsored child’s father graduated and went home to Jesus last month. Their home is 1 of the 13 home churches our Lord started. Our Refuge House Family did the service. Lots of friends and family were at the service, and as the truth of God’s Word was spoken, lots of them received prayer. Our Refuge House Family was so thankful to be able to share with so many people the hope we have in Jesus and the Gospel of Reconciliation. Please pray for the family.


This month all the children are doing their final exams for the end of the school year. Praise Jesus, everyone will pass to the next grade. They all worked very hard to do well in school this year. Their end of school thank you letter will be sent April or May.


All the children in the School Sponsorship Program at the Refuge House and those who stay with family were invited to the Refuge House for a Family Day. It was a wonderful day of thankful fellowship.

There were lots of thankful testimonies from the parents and grandparents of these sponsored children thanking the Lord and for all of you that the children were able to go to school. Those who don't have parents or grandparents were equally loved on by the ones that came. It was a precious time for them. They had some Bible teaching, praise and worship, testimonies, and much more – especially prayer! Along with the children, they spent lots of time praying for the sponsors of their children and everyone who is part of the Refuge House Family.

The Youth led the praise and worship for the adults. Later in the afternoon there were games for the children to play and also for the parents and grandparents. It was a great day for everyone to hear everyone sharing about how big a blessing you are – how they are so thankful their children do not have to walk 5 km through the woods and have a safe ride, how thankful they are that their children can go to school. Thank you and God bless you for being a part of the Refuge House Family!


The Refuge House Team is now preparing for April and May VCS, (Vacation Church School), the same as VBS (Vacation Bible School) here. We will do one at the Refuge House itself and as many as our Lord allows in tribal areas. The VCS at the Refuge House will cost approximately $60.00. The Tribal VCS outreaches will cost approximately $90.00. Please be in Prayer for our VCS!

Also the cost of fixing the storm damage, replacing the marine plywood and labor will cost approximately $30.00. Praise Jesus, it was not damaged any worse.


My dear friend, Ron Starling, has graduated to be with Jesus. He is a mighty man of God. Even though I miss him greatly, I rejoice knowing he is alive forevermore with Jesus! Please remember his wife, Patricia, and family in your prayers! Ron was a great blessing to so many here in the USA, in the Thomasville/Bainbridge area, to the Native American Nations, and to Nations around the world! He is one rich man with all the treasures he has in Heaven!!


Remember Our Heavenly Father is always there with us to help us. Don't forget to call to Him. He is our great help in times of need and in times of trouble. Always seek our Heavenly Father and ask for guidance every day.

We continually praise Jesus for you and pray our Lord’s great blessings for you!!

Thank You for being a part of the Refuge House Family,
We love you!
Harrell, Lolita, Teresa, Refuge House Team and Kids

Call for Prayer -- Phone #229-326-9239
Thank You & God Bless You for your prayers, encouragement and support! We are so very thankful for your love!

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Micanopy, FL 32667


February 2020


Thanks be to our Heavenly Father for His great provision this month! We are so thankful for the answer of our prayers -- especially for the wonderful gifts for the children. Thank you for all the toys, stuffed animals, coloring books and all the wonderful gifts that you sent for the kids. We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for your life, Thank you for your big heart for the children in Palawan Philippines!


I remember when our Thanksgiving church celebration was getting close. We had been praying for the provision so we can give something to the children. Because of your prayers, love and support, our Heavenly Father provided us wonderful and beautiful toys that the children enjoyed as they received those wonderful gifts. When the boxes were delivered, the joy and thankfulness of our heart is overflowing with thankfulness to our Lord Jesus, and we always praise our Heavenly Father for your life. Also thanking Him and asking our Lord Jesus Christ that each one of you will receive the abundant blessings, good health and bless all your income and that the peace of the Lord will continue to abide in your life and in your family every day. We also pray that you will enjoy the blessings from our Heavenly Father this year of 2020. Thank You So Much and God Bless You!


A hundred kids enjoyed and are so thankful, very happy and excited for the gifts they received. From the little ones to high school students, they all received the gifts and each one of them has a wonderful smile on their faces. Thank you for bringing the joy to their hearts through your gifts. Thank you for sharing the happiness with the children, Thank you for all of your love. A hundred kids felt the happiness that is coming out from inside and they could not hold it in. There is happiness in my heart seeing each kid how thankful and happy they are for the blessings that you all impart to them. Thank you so much for all that you do for the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father and for being part of I Am Born Again Ministries Family. In all our prayers, we ask to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that you will receive the fruit of the harvest, a good harvest and abundant treasures in Heaven for everything you do for the Kingdom of God. Thank you so much. You are all in our prayers.


When we arrived in the village, Sister Hazel with the youth invited the kids to come to Gospel outreach and feeding. Kids, parents and grandparents all came to the outreach. At the start the activity, the Refuge House Youth teach the children heavenly action songs. The kids enjoy the dancing and singing to our Lord Jesus. You could see the amazement & excitement of all the kids and also in every parent. Ezekiel, Jackielou and Bernard presented a drama about the birth of Jesus Christ, and Sister Hazel is the narrator. While the drama is being presented, everyone is enjoying and paying attention. After the drama, Sister Hazel taught about the true gift, which is our Lord Jesus Christ, and let everyone receive Jesus as their personal Savior in their lives. 75 kids and 64 parents received Jesus Christ in their hearts as Lord and personal Savior. Thank you, Jesus! We give you all the Praise! After the sharing of the Gospel, we took out the boxes of gifts from the white Kia truck and started giving gifts. While we gave, everyone was very excited to open their bags. The kids opened their bags, and everyone was very happy in what they received. We started serving the food but only a few got in line - around 40. I was shocked because only few kids and parents were left in the area. I asked everyone where are the kids, and they answered me that those kids were so very excited to go home to show to their parents what they received. We then realized that most of these kids had never, ever received a gift before of any kind. They were so excited, most of them had left their bowls because they were so excited to go show their gift. It was lunch time when we got there, and they had not eaten and were hungry. But they were so amazed and excited at receiving a gift they forgot they were hungry! We knew that eventually they would remember their bowls so we left the food for them to eat. We are very blessed and thankful for all of you for giving us opportunity to experience and to be a blessing to these kids and parents. We are so blessed to hear the parents saying thank you with happiness and excitement in their eyes. Thank you for being a part of I Am Born Again Ministries Family! Thank you for your continued prayers and support.
Blessings Teresa


Please be in prayer for 4 mountain motorcycle tires and a chain & sprocket (approx $380.00). We also lost some plywood on back of upstairs dormitory in a storm, not sure about cost yet.

Through your prayers and support, many parents and children will experience the love and blessings from our Heavenly Father, and many people will praise Him for He is good.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless your heart and His abundant joy & peace overflow in your heart every day in 2020!

Thank you and God bless you!
We love you much,
Harrell, Lolita, Refuge House Team and Kids

Contact us and call for prayer at — lolita83gh@gmail.com or 229-326-9239

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January 2020


This last year 2019 our Father God has shown us how much He loves us in so many ways. He has poured out His great blessings on us day by day. He has given us healing in times of sickness. He has given us hope when we were hopeless. Every day our Heavenly Father gives us the opportunity to continue to thank Him, praise Him and trust Him.

2019 has ended but all those victorious days that we had in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to give us strength and hope in this New Year 2020. All of the victories give us the reason to be joyful, thankful and to continue to share the love of Jesus to everyone in 2020. The year 2020 is here and our Heavenly Father has prepared us so we can stand in His presence. He has prepared us so we can do what is needed to be done, to reach more souls, feed more hungry children. He has prepared us so we can teach the love of God and how merciful our Lord Jesus Christ is.

We are so thankful to our Father in Heaven and praise Jesus that you are a part of the family here at the Refuge House.


Refuge House Church celebrated their Thanksgiving, Homecoming, Christmas service on December 22. This was our 10th year Thanksgiving celebration. It seems like it was only yesterday, that the Lord directed us to this place, in English the Hidden Sea, where there was no church, no electricity, and no running water. Our Lord has done great and mighty things in the last 10 years. We celebrate with praise and thanksgiving at His great faithfulness. We hope to have some video to share sometime this month, Lord willing.


Christmas presents were given out during the Thanksgiving celebration and the children were taught at that time, as we always do, that Jesus is the real Gift from our Father in Heaven. A son is given, Emmanuel, God is with us -- the Promise of the Father to send a Savior.

The children at the Refuge House were so blessed and so thankful for the presents that you sent. It is such a blessing to see children receive a gift and see the excitement and joy in their faces. Thank you and God bless you!

Our Refuge House Team also took Christmas gifts to other outreach areas to give to children who most have not ever received a gift in their life. These places are especially wonderful as you explain the reason for the season, Jesus Christ, and to explain how the love of Jesus works through people to show his love by you sending a gift to them. Not only the kids, but the parents also are touched by the love of Jesus that works through you. Again thank you and God bless you.


Some of the kids took part in going house to house Christmas caroling. Of course the kids had a wonderful time, great time, exciting time, but the elderly that they went to see were blessed the most and were so thankful.


This month we did our outreach in a small village approximately 15 km from the highway. It was right where the mountains start. The people in the village were not tribal but people from different islands that had started a small village. The village leader gave permission for the Refuge House Team to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

As our Refuge Team started preparing to share and cooking the food, approximately 60 kids, 30 adults and 15 youth came. The people in this village are very poor. They make charcoal and sell to supply their basic needs.

Our Refuge Team shared the good news of Jesus Christ and taught the children Bible verses and praise songs. After sharing and teaching, we fed them with delicious macaroni and cheese with vitamins and minerals. Our Refuge Team also gave one kg of rice to each family and gave clothes to them. Our Refuge Team was very blessed by the hunger for the Word of God by the people in this small village. Everyone - adults, youth and kids - expressed how very grateful and thankful they were, that we came to their small village.

After the outreach, a woman came to Teresa and said her husband was a pastor and that they just moved in that village about two weeks ago. She was so very thankful to Jesus Christ for what we did in that area. We are very thankful to Jesus Christ for opening the window of salvation and blessings in that village.


We also experience this month heavy rain, so much wind, and big waves. Because of the waves, the fence on the sea front of the Refuge House was washed away, but thank you Jesus we are all safe and okay. This month because of the big wind and waves, the fishermen with small boats can't go fishing. Hazel visited the fishermen families and prayed with them and asked our Heavenly Father for His blessings and some other job so they can continue to provide the needs for the family.


The tires on our mountain bikes are in need of replacing. It will take approximately $200.00 to replace all the tires, please be in prayer for the provisions for this. At this time we have no estimate to replace the fence in the front of the Refuge House.


In our budget for 2020, we included $10,000 that we are praying for to add to what we have already to purchase land to grow crops and raise livestock for the Refuge House. Please be in prayer for this provision.

We are so Thankful for your prayers, Encouragement and Giving! We praise our Lord Jesus every day for You! Thanking HIM for putting HIS Love in you! Thank you and God bless you for all that you do!

As we continue in this new year 2020, we are so very thankful for you and all of our family who are a part of our Lord’s work at the Refuge House. We continue to always praise Jesus and thank our Father in Heaven for you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your loving family. We are so blessed by the love of Jesus that flows through you.

Your Family in Palawan Philippines sends their love, blessings and thanks to You and so do myself and Lolita! We continually praise our Father in Heaven for you, and thank Him for the love of Jesus in you.

Thank you and God bless you!
We love you much,
Harrell, Lolita, Refuge House Team and Kids

Have a Blessed & Prosperous 2020

Contact us at — lolita83gh@gmail.com or 229-326-9239

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